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All My Children Recap With A Friend 3/9/11

Updated on March 9, 2011
The last thing Jake needs is to catch his ex's wedding bouquet!
The last thing Jake needs is to catch his ex's wedding bouquet!

Close the Curtains!

Tad and Cara ended their wedding night in the Honeymoon suite of a hotel (most likely the Pine Cone Motel, Pine Valley Inn, or the Yacht Club--my bet is on the Pine Valley Inn). This charade was needed as Tad spotted Immigration-type undercover cars sitting outside his house, spying to ensure he and Cara were the real deal. So, brilliant as ever, Tad left the house blinds up and convinced his new bride that the hotel was the place to be. He refused to close the blinds at the hotel, too. So, because he and Cara are flaunting their love and are not sober enough (apparently) to close the curtains in their suite, they are going to inevitably place the final stamp on this legitimate marriage for INS eyes.

That lovable Scott is so kind and resourceful! He managed to schedule Madison a maternity sonogram appointment at Pine Valley Hospital when she had just been canceled on. He got her in, much to the doctor's dismay (maybe he scheduled Madison on the doc's lunch break), and a sonogram was successfully performed. Madison is having a (close your eyes if you haven't seen this episode yet and don't want to know).......girl.

JR rescued drunk Amanda from Confusion where Agent Trumbull was busy finessing the reason why she really didn't go to Tad and Cara's wedding. Really? Um, it's weird enough her husband attended his ex-wife's wedding as it is. I don't find her absence from the nuptials suspicious. Jake came home to his wife, who wanted to discuss feelings. Just what every man wants to do.

Ryan, Greenlee and David are working together to find the missing Annie and Emma. Let's hope they bring our girls home.


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