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All My Children Recaps With A Friend 2/21/11

Updated on February 21, 2011

      Aside from Cara Castillo breaking down in tears three different times in today's episode, this was actually a very action-packed show. INS questioned Cara about her other persona, Carolyn Finn. She, in front of Jake and Jack (Jake loaned her Jack as her lawyer), confessed her lifelong struggle with cancer. Not only were the drug lord's goons after her when Jake last saw her (when she was trying to protect Jake from them), but she also had had a medical relapse at that time. Her brother and her mother nursed her back to health. The INS seemed sympathetic, but her tears didn't sway them: they still wanted to take Cara back to Mexico. Jake intervened and said, "You have to protect her. The Mexican drug cartel is after her!" The INS said, "Take it to the judge." Meanwhile, sweet sweet naive Amanda confessed to Tad that she had been the informer; she was the one who had reported to the US government that Cara Castillo was also Carolyn Finn, a Mexican national (is it just me, or should Cara have the hint of a Mexican accent?). Tad, holier than thou art, belittled Amanda and basically said she is to blame if someone cuts off Cara's horse's head and mails it to Jake. Oh, and that she shouldn't breathe, because she'll just screw someone else's life up with that, too. B@st@rd.

     Well, Colby got a surprising phone call. Her ex-boyfriend, Damon--who is off in California doing the law school thang--phoned to say he had heard about Annie and the kidnapping, and so he was just checking up on her. I don't know if he knows Annie had also held Colby hostage, however. I don't even know if the police know this. I don't even think her family cares about it. Kudos to Colby as she actually lied to him and said her phone's battery was dying and she better hang up.

     Ryan and Greenlee again held their fists over Jesse, the Chief of Police's head and said, pursue David and his connection to Annie's running away. Jesse said, "Dar, okay, whatever you guys say. Why don't you come along on official police business with me and ask him about it?" Not very professional. Of course, it's technically FBI business, so really Jesse shouldn't be letting the love duo pressure him into doing what they say. However, no useful information was gained from the convo with David...BUT, Ryan was able to trick David with a tape recording of Annie's voice asking him where she was supposed to be going while on the lam. He was stupid and fell for it. (I wondered why her acting was really bad on the recorder.) He told her to go to "the cabin". Ryan stepped out from around the corner (they were at the infamous park) and smirked at him.

     JR tried to convince Marissa to move back into the Chandler Mansion with him and AJ, so he could bring the Chandlers all together and tighten the family bond. She was smart and told him no way, Jose. Hmm...I think she knows more Spanish than Cara does.


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