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All My Children -- The Week Of July 8, 2013

Updated on July 14, 2013

Zach is cleared and Jesse pretends to be happy about it

While Jesse was off doing God knows what, Lea and Zach snuck on his computer in his office and compared the dental files Jesse had for Uri with Vlad's real dental records and found solid proof that it was Vlad who was killed and that Uri was very much alive, freeing Zach from all charges. It was probably a good thing they used Jesse's computer behind his back, because he would have lied that he was sorry, but the dental records didn't match Vlad. He proved that when he faked being happy that Zach was cleared and the first chance he got he called Uri to tell him his master plan to fake his death blew-up in his face. Uri, per usual, made threats against Jesse's family and Jesse put a guard on Cassandra's door. My question is what about the rest of Jesse's family, who Uri already threatened. How could he explain putting guards on them, too? When Jesse was forced to tell Angie that Uri had killed his own brother to fake his death, she vowed that pig had better stay away from her child. Zach also made similar threats. I wonder if we're leading up to a Who Killed Uri mystery? There would definitely be a lot of suspects.

Zach was so happy he was free he grabbed Lea and kissed her. When Jesse entered later it looked like Zach and Lea had had a quickie is Jesse's office. Actually, they came close, but Lea put a stop to it before it went too far. She told Zach the fact he's still wearing his wedding ring proves he's not ready to move on, yet.

Ever since they started writing Lea with some brains and not as dumb as a box of rocks, I've actually started to like her. I also gained more respect for her saying no to a guy who still wasn't over his ex. It's nice to see a woman written with self-respect and isn't so desperate for a man she has sex with him even knowing he's just not that into her.

I was wondering why Cassandra was giving Angie the silent treatment with her back to her and flinching when she tried to touch her. Then a reason for it was revealed when David came to comfort Angie and he knew she wanted Cassandra to keep the baby. Even if she didn't say something, something in her attitude may have translated that fact to Cassandra.

Jesse arrived on the scene and saw David hugging Angie and had a fit about it. I honestly didn't have a problem with it, because David has been giving Angie the comfort that Jesse hasn't been. Jesse's constantly off trying to cover his tracks over what he did to get Cassandra back. Then Jesse went into Hypocrite Land when he started going on about how David shot poor wittle Junior point blank. Hey, Jess, you sold your soul to the devil to get your kid back. If anyone should have a little bit of empathy for why David did what he did you should. You framed a good friend for a crime he didn't commit, when you should have done to Uri what David did to Junior, instead. What you did makes David a step above you, since David didn't protect a man who was out victimizing more girls the way he has your daughter.

The true irony would be if when the truth comes out about what Jesse has done, if David actually shows some empathy towards him for what he did. I think it's pretty clear most of Pine Valley will free pass Jesse for what he did because he did it to save his child, making the entire town even bigger hypocrites than they already are.

Speaking of Junior, he decided to bring Cara's mother and son to town to live in his house so Cara can see him every day. If Cara upset about what he did? Heck no, she thinks they'll be able to keep David's kid under his nose without him ever finding out the truth. How stupid is she? It really turned my stomach watching Junior acting like Oliver's daddy to him. Not bad enough he killed David's daughter, not he's stealing another kid from David. He's a reprehensible little punk. I get why no charges have been pressed against this cretin because for some reason his prints weren't on the gun and since this worm can't recall killing Marissa it's David's word against everyone in Pine Valley. Even if Junior did recall what he did, the gutless wonder wouldn't admit it.

I used to feel sorry for Junior and have some kind of empathy for him, but I realize it was because of Jacob Young and not the character itself. Young used to play the role with this little boy lost quality that made you feel sorry for him and understand him even when he was doing some really horrible things. With this new actor he just plays the role with a smug jerk quality and leaves me pretty cold. And the whole story of David having to pay for a crime Junior is responsible for why Junior skates and walks around free as a bird just adds to my contempt for this character. I mean, he took David's career, five years of his life and his daughter, and not satisfied the little punk is taking another of David's kids from him and brought him to Pine Valley so he can smirk at David over what he's doing to him. And if that isn't bad enough Junior is also getting his own kid back, making progress with AJ.

The big teen triangle between AJ, Miranda and Heather heated up a bit. Heather and Miranda ran into AJ after they went shopping. Heather was a bit taken aback by the playful and physical way Miranda and AJ are together, and Miranda was taken aback when AJ had a choice between going to the movie she wanted to go and Heather did and picked Heather. So Miranda begged off and Heather was left confused when AJ said that taking Heather to the movies wasn't a date.

Heather also ran into Pete who was asking AJ for some tips for his new sports app he's designing. She couldn't risk taking a few jabs on him and finally declared that Pete broke Celia's heart. Meanwhile, Colby suggesting having a launch party for Talk Tempo and asks that Celia help her. She doesn't waste any time going on about how she and Pete are like a match made in heaven. Celia is kind of appalled when Colby lies to a liquor distributor that their party is for a charity to try and get the booze cheaper. Celia then suggests they make the lie true and donate money to the Miranda Foundation. When Colby tells Brooke the idea Celia had, Colby pretends it was her idea, instead, and Brooke praises her for it.

Brooke's a bit upset that she wasn't able to roast David on his own petard, and Dimitri suggests he take Brooke out to celebrate the success of the show. It becomes obvious pretty quickly that Dimitri may have a thing for Miss English despite the fact that she and Adam are engaged to be married. And it's also obvious that Brooke might not be immune to Mr. Marrick's charms. I think David Canary retired that's why he only makes sporadic appearances on the show, but Adam really needs to get himself back to Pine Valley to keep Dimitri at bay.

Bianca calls Miranda and tells her she might not be able to reach her very easily for awhile, but she'll return her calls as soon as she can. Seems she's secretly off visiting Kendall. Kendall is having problems with her heart, again. Bianca tries to get Kendall to contact Zach, but she refuses. And Bianca confides she's beginning to think Miranda is better off without her being around, and Kendall tries to reassure her that just isn't true.

One of two things could happen with Kendall: either she dies from her heart problem or David's new machine saves Kendall's life, once again. If it's the latter, I'm sure no one in Pine Valley will be the least bit grateful to David. They never are.

The previews for next week's shows show Zach being upset at Lea for investigating Jesse. I applaud her for being the only smart one to see Jesse isn't on the up and up. Someone needs to stop him. I had no sympathy for Jesse as it showed him being arrested. The instant he got Cassandra back he should have set a trap to trap Uri and arrested him, then came clean about what he did. Continuing to protect this swine so he can continue to kidnap and traffic young innocent girls into a life of slavery is beyond disgusting. Cassandra also comes out of her state of shock and starts beating on her body revealing her hate and revulsion for what's growing inside of her. So it looks like it's going to be an eventful week ahead for the Hubbard family, who are officially the most interesting family on this show.


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