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'All My Children': Thought of the Day 5/12/11

Updated on May 12, 2011

Erica Kane Meets Her Kidnapper--Finally!

Alright, so if you haven't seen today's All My Children and would rather not see a spoiler of what happened, read no more. That's it for you. Stop.

C'mon, folks, let them pass. Allow the uninterested readers to click away. We don't want to give anything away if some people don't want to see. Do-do-da-da-dee-dum...No no, take your time...we'll wait. Anyone see American Idol tonight? I won't spoil that shocker...oops, I mean, I won't spoil that episode for you today...hmmm? Oh, the readers who didn't want to continue reading have already left? Oh, oh, what's that? Oh, I'm just babbling about nothing? Yeah, yeah, I like to do that. I like to see how fast I can type with four fingers...yeah, "home row" is for wimps. Hey, hey now, I was just kidding. Really. Can't you see I was just teasing you? Really.

Okay, they're gone and haven't read on yet...All My Children ...Today we found out that Erica Kane is kidnapped by...Erica Kane. What?! Does that even make sense?! Okay, sure it can make sense if you believe that Erica had a nervous breakdown trying to decide who to choose as her latest beau. Should she select the sweet, been there for twenty-five years Jack, or Mountain Man Caleb? Jack, who's been family for so long? Or Caleb, who sorta is family, too? Decisions decisions. Both are tall powerful men. Both are attractive. Both have deep growly voices. Both have lusciously thick hair. Both are successful. Both live in Pine Valley. Oh, wow, decisions, decisions...Aaaaahhh! Pass-out, fade to black......wake up and you're in a model of your own bedroom surrounded by concrete and a secret door which opens occasionally to allow a lanky quiet creepy man to walk in and out. If Erica Kane has been kidnapped only in the mental sense, then alright....I guess I can learn to accept that. However , if it turns out that Erica actually has an identical sister that has kidnapped her, then I really will believe ABC is running our beloved soap opera into the ground. My theory is that the producers and writers of All My Children are purposely spinning ridiculous stories and dialogue just so when the show finally ends they will have lost all of their fans and no one will be angry with ABC for canceling it. I could go on and on about the ridiculous story-lines of late (Reverend Ricky's obsession with Kendall, anyone? And was Madison really in a car accident? If so, why didn't they show that scene? Anyone else annoyed with the "crisp" scene changes?), and maybe I will start sharing my thoughts again about what craziness has been stirring up in ol' Pine Valley. Oh, boy, just you wait.


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    • Rosefall profile image

      Rosefall 6 years ago from Ohio!

      I am hoping it ends happily ever after, myself. Even though the show has gotten pretty unbelievable, I still love it. I will be sad with "All My Children" fades to black...I have read, though, that a seasoned head writer will start her stories as of June, so hopefully that will steer everything back to normal Pine Valley.

    • Mary Contrary profile image

      Mary Contrary 6 years ago from Columbus, OH

      Very funny Hub! I can remember when "Ryan's Hope" went off the air and how the writers were quickly trying to end all of the different scenarios so they could have a "happily ever after" show ending. It all turned out pretty silly.