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All My Children Recap Friend 2/16/11

Updated on February 21, 2011
Now whaddya cryin' about?
Now whaddya cryin' about?

Valentine's Continued

     Annie has got the chase going! Marissa, JR, Asher, the PVPD (Pine Valley Police Department), Ryan, and Greenlee are hunting the crazy gal down. She left Ryan a voicemail saying she and Emma are a-okay and that Annie and JR should have been the ones who had gotten married. This, after Ryan found a makeshift fairytale storybook she made in the Chandler cottage. Apparently, cocky Ryan knows best as he told JR that JR had screwed everything up and that he was incapable of keeping control of Annie. What a schmuck. Run, Annie, run!     
     Kendall convinced Bianca to call Reese to ask her to come home to Pine Valley to see her and their daughters. Reese was in a meeting, so she told her she would call her later after work. Bianca pretty much thinks they're over, but she told Kendall that she would give her wife until that night to see if she called or not. That way she would know for sure if the relationship is over. So what if Reese calls tomorrow morning instead? She may get home late, after all...
     Griffin and his cozy-schmozy sister, Cara, are each other's Valentine this year. Kinda unsettling...but, you know, they're close. He brought her a box of candy and then he proceeded to jab his meaty fingers into each chocolate to find which had caramel in it. But, guess what? No, she didn't eat the chocolates. But, it turns out Kendall does the...wait for it, wait for it...same exact thing! Soul-mates. I sure hope Reverend Ricky doesn't do the same with his sweets as that will further complicate matters!
     Jake spoiled a romantic (sure to have been packed with extra PDA ("P" standing for "private" in this case)) Valentine's night with his wife, Amanda, by telling her that Cara still has feelings for him and wears her wedding ring on a chain around her neck. Great timing, Jake. Then, he was paged (as always) to the hospital. He left, and that left Amanda with one thing on her mind:  confrontation. She confronted tough girl Cara at the hospital about this. Cara refused to remove the wedding ring as "it reminds me of tough times I got through." Yeah, alright. Cara told Amanda she is still waiting for her government clearance to allow her to return to the third world country she practices in, and that she will certainly be leaving. Jake is now confused about the whole thing and confided in Tad. But, after talking to his big brother, he returned home and he and Amanda did finally get that Private-DA.
     Tad found Cara sitting on the bumper of an ambulance and soothed her teary heartbreak. I'm beginning to think this actress was hired for her constant ready-for-tears crying.


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