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All My Children Recap Friend 2/17/11

Updated on February 21, 2011
Wait for it, wait for it...Aha! Turn on the waterworks!
Wait for it, wait for it...Aha! Turn on the waterworks!

Tsk Tsk, Rev. Ricky

 Why, Reverend Ricky, is your soul in mortal jeopardy?

     After tossing and turning from bad dreams concerning her beloved Zach, Kendall coaxed the Reverend Ricky into driving her home to get something precious of hers. Upon arrival, the pair found Kendall's living room in a state of "shoot, somebody's been messin' 'round at yo' house". Chair cushions were flung haphazardly to the floor and picture frames were knocked cock-eyed. Griffin was not happy to see his patient had fled the hospital again, so he made his weekly housecall to take Kendall back. She obeyed after tidying up the room (and thereby destroying the clear indication of a crime scene), and Ricky stayed behind to await the arrival of Brot (AKA: the cops). Brot hypothesized it as the work of kids pulling a prank. Let this be a note to "the kids":  that isn't funny. And, while we're on the subject, neither is toilet papering trees. Ricky then returned to the hospital to tell the quickly-recovering-from-heart-surgery Kendall that kids probably wrecked her house, don't worry about it, this is normal (uh, I would think in her neighborhood this would not be normal). He then walked into the hallway and decided it was the perfect time to make a sneaky phone call alluding to the fact he may have murdered Zach and that he knows who messed up Kendall's living room (and I'm thinking maybe it wasn't kids, after all). The problem I have with this scene:  Ricky couldn't have made this incriminating phone call at Kendall's house or in his car?!
     Tad investigated Cara's deceased drug lord and found that his goons are still on the trail for her under her pseudonym, Carolyn Finn. With the simple change of her last name--aha!--she threw them off of her trail. No need to worry about distancing herself from Doctors Without Borders in Mexico--where they don't know a Carolyn Castillo who matches her exact description and has the same first name and M.O., and works at the same gig as Carolyn Finn. These criminals must really be bad at their job. Jake warned Cara at Pine Valley Hospital, but she raised her voice in soap opera finery and declared, "Oh, no, you don't, former love of my life! I will not stay here with you in Pine Valley!" Amanda overheard this from around the corner where she slunked in the shadows and immediately turned on her heel and raced home to telephone the government to report Cara and her illegal immigration status.
     The Feds are on the hunt for Annie. Ryan, driving the Chief of Police, Jesse, in his car, discovered Annie's abandoned car with Emma's stuffed animal left behind. And Madison was left to field phone calls at Fusion, because Greenlee was too busy sitting at Krystal's sipping her cafe de leche de mocha with sugar-free sprinkles.


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