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All My Children Recap Friend 2/18/11

Updated on February 21, 2011
Day 3 in a row of Tears = Drinking Game?
Day 3 in a row of Tears = Drinking Game?

And The Feds Came Marching Home

     Amanda did something sneaky. Perhaps, wives everywhere would dream of doing the same. She contacted the government to report Cara Costillo as an illegal immigrant. Later that day, however, Tad confided to Amanda that he, Griffin, Jake, and Cara were planning on making Cara's assumed identity--Carolyn Finn--appear deceased in Mexico. Amanda said "rut-ro" to herself. She then back-tracked internally and telephoned the agency she had narked to to say she had been mistaken. She did what any married woman would have done to protect her relationship by reporting the home-wrecker to the Feds. But, darn it oh darn it, she felt bad when Tad said, "Cara's life is in jeopardy here, Amanda. We need to fake her death." Amanda just cannot win. However, with that said, it was too late for Amanda to back-pedal. INS showed up at the hospital and arrested Cara for passport fraud. Alert, is it too soon for Cara's notorious tears?!
     Thanks to Ryan's insight, he suggested that Jesse should run video from the park where Annie may have been Valentine's night when she kidnapped Emma (that is, Emma, her daughter). (Could it be that Ryan is better suited to be Chief of Police than the actual Chief of Police?) Jesse ran the tape and was able to extract a still image of Annie and....David Hayward?! Uh-oh. This cannot be good.
     Bianca confessed to Kendall that she and Reese are filing for divorce. I guess she didn't call Bianca back after her meeting (see previous blog post from this week). Bianca is utilizing Marissa as her divorce attorney. Marissa warned Bianca that things could turn ugly as Bianca is intending on keeping full custody of their two daughters. Foreshadow.
     Reverend Ricky is no reverend at all! I was surprised that our endearing spiritual adviser is not a man of the cloth. I will see him in a different light now. An unholy light at that. He met one of his "associates" at the ever-popular park (the one with security cameras?) and let her know that he has Kendall under his thumb. Looks like Ricky was responsible for "offing" Zach. He displayed a few surreptitious dramatic poses of intensity in his revelation that he is a bad boy. I still prefer him over the bad-tempered Dr. Griffin Castillo.


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