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All My Children Recap With A Friend 2/23/11

Updated on March 4, 2011
Finally-someone on daytime TV with realistic hair
Finally-someone on daytime TV with realistic hair

Mrs. Amanda Martin!

You really opened a can of worms this time, Amanda. Half of Pine Valley is affected by the “secret” phone call she made to the government in regards to Cara Castillo’s fraudulent status in the US. Tad had to let Krystal (his baby's mama whom he lives with) and Opal (his birth mother) in on his fib that he and Cara have been dating and are now engaged to be married. Both ladies were against the idea as now the government is going to be breathing on them, asking questions and such. I don't blame them. You don't mess with the government. Agent Trumbull, the lead investigator of the Pine Valley INS (..smirk..), contacted Amanda and threatened her that she had better meet him at Confusion (a flashy bar any government suit would surely conduct an interrogation in) or he would "come and find" her. No, he didn't mention her rights to have an attorney present, either. But, then again, I guess she's not the one on trial here...Is she, Tad???????? Amanda went and met Trumbull and did a very convincing routine, saying Tad and Cara have been private with their relationship, but that it's legit, and that she only called the government to lie about Cara. Amanda was just jealous of her husband's ex, so she wanted to make a phony phone call to the INS about it. Next she was going to crank call the White House (no, not really on that last bit). Trumbull eased off , but said that Castillo was still illegally in the US, so he would have to pursue his investigation. I hope Griffin is legal, or were they so busy with Cara that they overlooked his immigration status?

Dum Dum Dum Dum, Dumbiddy-Dum

Why is Erica so dumb? I guess she can’t help herself. I mean, Kendall always acts out, too. It's like the Kane women can't control their compulsions. They say they want peace and calm and that they'll stay out of everyone's business, but they never seem to do just that. I don’t remember if Mona, Erica’s mother ever acted out. Maybe it really is in the blood. Even if it comes to destroying the one true man who wants to be with them. Jack still wants to marry Erica and he's waiting for her to choose their wedding date and for her to end her flirtation with Caleb. But, she seems bent on wrangling the Mountain Man (i.e., Caleb).

History Repeats Itself

Liza gave Colby the reason for her sleeping with Damon: they were both sad and had had a bad day. It was only natural...Okay, Liza didn't say it like that, but pretty much that was the gist. Colby, rightly, told Liza that she has no mother and that she will never speak to her again. A distraught Liza confided in Tad and what did wise Thaddeus Martin say? He said Liza is growing up! I guess because thirty years later, she can talk about this openly with Tad, her boyfriend at the time who had slept with her own mother (in other words did the same exact thing to her that she did to Colby)? Didn't Liza's sleeping with her daughter's boyfriend two months ago kinda work in the reverse of that? And then, a consoling Asher told Colby he has something important to tell her. To which she said she doesn't want to hear today. Oh, Lordy, what will that be?


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