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All My Children Recap With A Friend 2/24/11

Updated on February 25, 2011
The Fraudulent Triangle
The Fraudulent Triangle

Wendie Malick guest-starred as Gertrude Stein on All My Children today as an unemployed former corporate executive looking for work. Susan Lucci recently made two guest-star appearances on Hot In Cleveland, Malick’s show; so, in turn, Malick made a guest appearance on All My Children. Her role was miniscule; it didn't move the storyline along at all. Carol Burnett did something similar on All My Children in the 1980s. Malick played a maid at Kendall's house where she found Erica and then later she worked as Confusion as a bartender. At both locations, she rubbed the prima donna the wrong way by insulting Erica's multiple men and all the stuff famous people deal with, resulting in her being fired twice by Ms. Kane. Just a little slap-stick, folks.

Ryan confided in Kendall about his latest information gained from the ex-NTSB agent. The Feds were sloppy and didn’t notice a small lockbox with Zach’s initials on it. He said the NTSB guy found it and it was expected to arrive via currier at her house. The crooked Reverend Ricky, who was snooping around Kendall’s home earlier that day was the chosen confidante to be there by her side when she received it at home (yes, Dr. Griffin actually let her check out of the hospital). Somehow Zach’s casino money has been flowing into the nylon jacket pockets of the reverend and his stooges. Is it just me, or is Reverend Ricky losing his nice-guy edge with Pine Valley? It’s either the reverend is getting antsy in holding ceremonies (oh, no, does that mean Greenlee and Ryan aren’t legally married ?! Whoops!), or it means at the last minute, the All My Children writers wanted to attach someone trusting to the Zach mystery. It was probably the latter. Upon opening the mysterious box from Zach, Kendall found a love letter and a folded piece of paper that looks like it could be an addendum to his will...? We should find out tomorrow. On a costume note: did anyone else notice how low-cut Kendall’s shirt was today?

Amanda is losing it if she hasn't already lost it. She overheard Griffin telling Jake he has suspicions that someone in their inner-circle is the “rat” who finked to the Feds about Cara’s illegality in the US. Funny how Amanda is the bad guy when she technically did the right thing: reporting an illegal immigrant to the government! However, Amanda was guilted into coming clean to her husband: she was the one in their inner-circle who had turned Cara in. Jake was annoyed and angered even though he had chosen not to tell Amanda about Cara's secret background. He was too disgusted to stay by a sobbing Amanda in the community Pine Valley park; he simply abandned her ala Tad.

Tad and Cara are perfecting their lying. If anything, it has distracted Liza from her dire daughter drama. Liza doesn’t believe he is in love with Cara and their relationship is legit. I guess as Liza is an attorney (kinda crooked in that, too), he’s best to keep his mouth shut.


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