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All My Children Recap With A Friend 2/28/11

Updated on March 1, 2011
The good doc knows something's up
The good doc knows something's up

Dr. Griffin Castillo may actually remain kind and gentle to one person besides his sister...perhaps, towards Kendall--eventually...100% of the time. You see, Reverend Ricky, who is now 75% creepy and 25% nice guy, is starting to ask too many questions of new widow, Kendall. He's fishing around for Zach details in a pushy kind of format. And Griffin sees this. Of course, he has always been cautious of the preacher man. But, I think it's beyond jealousy now. The good doctor sees something off with Kendall's closest confidant. Dr. Castillo urged Kendall to try her hand at speaking with a professional therapist in regards to her struggle with grief, as she wound up in the hospital again for medical tests. Her weak little heart is struggling to get through the anguish of losing her beloved Zach. I think she has fogotten about the "neighborhood kids" who broke in her house last week as a "prank". I know that would freak me out. I'd be getting that house ready to sell (he neighborhood's going to the pot), or at least, up my security.

Well, dagnabbit! (Slapping the knee.) Darnit if Erica just cannot find an opportune moment to sit down with Caleb to break off their Cortlandt Electronics partnership (she wants to do this so she can better move on with Jack--no distractions)! But, Caleb is disturbed by his sad son's problems. Ya see, Asher told Colby he had known about Liza sleeping with Damon (even if he just found this out recently) and he failed to mention it to her. And now Colby is tormented. She ended today's show speaking to her computer (okay, she was recording a message). I fear Colby may be thinking of doing something very very dark to herself. :-(

Opal is moron. She mentioned to Jack that Erica had kissed Caleb on New Year's Eve. Said in a drawl, off-handed way, "Now, you know, everybody kisses everybody on New Year's Eve." Jack said, "Whatch you talkin' 'bout, Opal?" Then, next thing you know, he walks into Confusion (if it isn't Krystal's Restaurant, it's Confusion...that is, if it isn't the community park) and sees Erica speaking intimately to Caleb. Bing!

Madison felt the baby kick for the first time and because it was in front of clueless Ryan, who thinks she's not as far along in the pregnancy as she is, he was able to believe straight-out that the kick was really indigestion punching her in the gut. He bought that one easily. But, I suppose, Ryan's mind was elsewhere. He is still tracking Annie and Emma down. No word today as to where they are.


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