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All My Children With A Friend Recap 2/25/11

Updated on March 22, 2011
"My God, is she really reading me that love letter?"
"My God, is she really reading me that love letter?"

Scott is really a nice guy. He was able to fix Madison's hospital bill woes. She will now be making weekly payments for her OB appointments. Oh, and he invited her to move in with him as "just roommates" to save on expenses...Did I miss something, or is he not telling Pine Valley that he is the father of her fetus and weren't they dating? Or, maybe he is following Tad's example (Tad lives with his ex and baby's mama, Krystal).

Ryan barged into the Chandler Mansion and he and Marissa told JR that they had bugged his living room/den. JR didn't seem so angered by this. In fact, he seems rather cowardly when it comes to Ryan. Interesting. Anyway, Annie called JR and said she was headed to Canada and would be waiting for him at a hotel there. JR relayed this to bossy Ryan and Marissa, to which Ryan ordered, "I'm going with you!" That was prime opportunity for his new bride, Greenlee, to join him and JR: "Road trip!" Er, more like, "Private jet trip!" Unfortunately, though, Annie spotted the trio waiting for her at the hotel, so she stood them up. Emma phoned Madison and told her the gist of this.


Reverend Ricky was able to snatch a page out of Zach's will/if-I'm-found-dead document, riddled in paranoia (the one that was in the lockbox that was shipped to Kendall). Kendall didn't see him pocket the crucial page that listed who Zach suspected as stealing from him/possibly someday murdering him. The reverend was able to say "adieu" gracefullyto Kendall, she none-the-wiser. He met his sneaky lady-friend, Diana, and told her she is on Zach's list. Also, the page said something about a hard drive that held the scoop on these rascals which is hidden in Zach and Kendall's "special place". Any ideas on where that is?


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    • Rosefall profile image

      Rosefall 6 years ago from Ohio!

      I hope it doesn't, either. I grew up on it.

    • profile image

      Chanel the Writer 6 years ago

      I love All My Children! I hope it doesn't get canceled :(