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All Of Our lines Are busy...But We Appreciate Your Call

Updated on January 22, 2012


All Of Our Lines Are Busy...But We Appreciate Your Calling



Another American Idol
in waiting,
on hold with the
mind boggling
airlines office.

Trying to get a ticket
from Bumfiddle, Iowa
to the next auditions
in the big apple.

No hub nearby, and the
routing will take her
to Colorado, Miami,
and then New york..
"What fuel shortage??"

Of course there
is no room
for her three
suitcases of
costume enhancements,
and makeup.

Plus she only has
two-hundred dollars for
a five-hundred dollar fare.
but she can wail,
She's a cross between
Billie Holiday,
and Bette Midler,
And she'll
crucify the judges.

She's determined
to show whatever
Simon says to be
utter fiction.

So she waits,
in the hot sun,
with a seven up
as a future pop star,
and you can bet
that no matter
what the odds,
"It's not over,
till the fat
lady sings."


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