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All about Bopp Films and their various uses

Updated on August 12, 2013

All about Bopp Films and their various uses

Bopp Films are actually films generated by “Bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene”. The films have good clarity and are resistant to UV light. They are also resistant to many chemicals and abrasion, and have a clear surface. This clear material is often known to have a reasonable scuff resistance and a considerable acid resistance. The production of these films involves polypropylene polymer melt stretched in a machine in a conditioned temperature and speed setting, and simultaneously stepped into longitudinal transverse on the stretch, ultimately to have proper cooling or necessary heat treatment to get their final film shape.

Bopp Films can be sectionalized in ordinary Bopp film, Bopp pearl film, heat sealing Bopp film, cigarette packaging film, matte film, Bopp metalized film etc. It is a kind of soft packaging material that is non-toxic, odorless, colorless, tasteless, and has high impact strength, rigidity, tensile strength, toughness and good transparency. After corona treatment, these films are seen to have a good printing adaptability along with an exquisite appearance, and, therefore, are used as surface later composite film. A thorough understanding about the quality of the film, however, is very important to ensure the proper quality. These films can be manufactured either by tube membrane or flat membrane. The outcomes are not obviously same. Film manufactured goods are stronger than those of by tube manufactured ones.

Bopp Films are manufactured with a variety of materials and method to meet every unique necessity of special applications. For example, BOPP & LDPE, PO, PE, PT, PVA have high gas barrier, high temperature resistance, moisture resistance, transparency and low temperature resistance respectively. These special features can be applied to oily food, cooked food, delicious food, dried food, dipping food, MSG pancakes and New Year cake packing to name a few.

Bopp Films are softer and more flexible than polyester, and over 1000 varieties of these films are there. Applications of these films are also numerous and versatile. Ranging from packaging, metalizing, stationery, labeling, CD& DVDs, to several decorative items. Different types of films include industrial Bopp film, lamination Bopp film, coextruded Bopp film, metalized Bopp film, decorative Bopp film, stationery Bopp film etc. Bopp film can be stretched in both machine direction and across machine direction. Clarity, printability, flatness and superior strength at low gauges are some of the factors for which this sort of film has been a hugely implemented film product all over the world.

From the wide variety available in Bopp Films there are some specialties in application with different grades of film. Grade F1 is used for food packing and sealing; standard Bopp film is used for electrical applications, printing & lamination, extrusion coating & flower packaging, reverse printing, as adhesive tapes and pressure sensitive tapes; white & opaque colored film is used in general purpose printing pouching and cable overwrap, strip packaging for cough drops and lozenges and heat sealable Bopp film is used for general purpose and overwrapping. The Bopp film market is growing continuously, and newer developments create the scope of manufacturing better types of films.


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    • profile image

      abhay garg 

      2 years ago

      Its useful information for newcomer business people I want business of bopp bags . if anyone can share for me information I will thankful

    • profile image

      Lucky Sharma 

      3 years ago

      Many thanks for sharing such insights on Bopp films. i found this artcle to be highly informative.

    • nitendrasingh5 profile imageAUTHOR

      Nitendra Kumar Singh 

      3 years ago from New Delhi

      Thanks for appreciate my blog

    • profile image

      Haldia Petrochemicals 

      3 years ago

      Thanks for Sharing.

    • profile image

      Cosmo Films 

      4 years ago

      CosmoFilms- Very nice and informative post on Bopp films. Get to know so much about bopp films after reading this article. Thanks for sharing this article.


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