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All about the "Human Barbie" Sarah Burge

Updated on August 5, 2012
Sarah Burge before and after surgery.
Sarah Burge before and after surgery.

Sarah Burge lives in St Neots, Cambridgeshire and is known for her excessive amounts of plastic surgery and outlandish behavior. She has had countless procedures and even has urger her own daughter, Poppy, to go under the knife in the "name of beauty." Miss Burge also has been dubbed the "Human Barbie" by the British Media as she has spent more than £250,000 on her body modifications. Some of the surgeries were meant to repair her appearance after she was attacked by a former boyfriend, however, many of them she has underwent were purely for aesthetic reasons.

Sarah and Poppy.
Sarah and Poppy.

Sarah and Poppy

What first got everyone's attention was when Sarah came out to the public in 2010 about teaching her then 6-year old daughter how to pole dance. To make matters worse and continue to shock the public, she admitted to giving Poppy a £6,000 voucher for a breast augmentation surgery for her 7th birthday. Along with the voucher for the procedure, her daughter also received one for £12,000 in order to have an "exotic pamper party."

Sarah continued to come under fire from the media when she revealed she gave Poppy a £7,000 voucher for liposuction for Christmas that year. Most recently, in 2012, Sarah gifted her daughter with a £8,000 voucher for any plastic surgery procedure of her choice. People were shocked to learn of all these gifts for a child so young, but Miss Burge pointed out that none of the vouchers were redeemable until Poppy turned 18.

Sarah and Poppy.
Sarah and Poppy.
Sarah at a party.
Sarah at a party.

According to the "Daily Mail," Sarah claimes she also gave Poppy a voucher for breast augmentation because her daughter was "begging her for a boob job." Poppy was quoted with saying 'I can't wait to be like Mummy with big boobs. They're pretty.'


People have criticized Sarah for the influence she may have on Poppy. They say that seeing her mother undergoing procedure after procedure and gifting her daughter with vouchers for future surgeries will have a negative impact on her self-image. Burge argues and says she just wants to pamper her daughter in any way she can.

On May 22, 2012, Anderson Cooper got fed up with Sarah and actually kicked her off the show. Anderson explained her tries to be civil and polite with all guests but she was out of line and he could not take her antics.

Anderson Cooper Interview

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