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Alley Cat Blues

Updated on August 22, 2010

Alley Cat Blues


Alley Cat Blues

by Chuck RitenouR 9-15-2K6


verse 1:

I'm an old alley cat, yeah this alley's my home

I got no one who feeds me no one calls me their own

I got no collar I never had no bath

fleas make their home on me, I'm an old alley cat.

verse 2:

I go where I want and I sleep where I please

sometimes I'm in your backyard climbin' up your tree

I'm kinda sassy, but I'll never be fat,

livin' on them twos and fews, I'm an old alley cat.


just ask that dog that lives down the street

what happened to him when he tangled with me

thought he was big and bad, thought he'd give me a chase

but I didn't run, I just clawed up his face.

verse 3:

and I don't want nobody makin' a pet out of me

its just me and this alley and all of them fleas

but at least I'm free, brother that's a fact

life ain't so bad for this old alley cat

I said life ain't bad for this old alley cat.

the end.


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