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Almighty Rhymes

Updated on October 11, 2017

Bruce Almighty

Amazing Grace

BRUCE NOLAN televises news reports.
For Eye Witness news in New York.
He is in a relationship with GRACE CONELLY.
but he cannot understand why he's suffering.
He seems to have bad luck.
Everything he tries is tough.
He applies in hopes to be promoted.
But is passed up for a fellow reporter.
Bruce is Furious. He criticizes the station.
That disgrace was seen around the nation.
A list of misfortunes follows his life.
He then starts blaming GOD for not treating him right.
Then he receives a message.
The message was directing.
Directing him to an empty warehouse.
Bruce saw a guy and wondered about.
He wondered who the guy is.
He wondered why was it only him.
Then the same guy he sees in a white suit.
The guy comes to him and reveals the truth.
That guy revealed whom he is.
He is GOD and is offering to give.
Offering to give over his powers.
But giving rules to not devour.
Rules that don't interfere with free will.
Despite all the rules Bruce Still.
He used the powers the opposite way.
He was sexually impressing Grace.
He even used his powers.
To humiliate Evan Baxter.
Got him fired in his favor.
Bruce becomes the anchor.
After Celebrating with Grace.
Instead of making her happy he disgraced.
She thought he'd propose.
But instead, he chose.
He chose to think it was all about him.
On the flip side, Bruce begins to hear.
He begins to hear voices in his head.
He goes to GOD for answers, but instead.
GOD reveals he's misusing powers.
& that the voices he's hearing are prayers.
So the prayers he computerized.
He set the program to automatically respond.
To respond yes to every prayer request.
He went to celebrate his new happiness.
but he sees an angry grace.
She didn't even want to see bruce face.
He goes to GOD and GOD reveals.
That he must find a way to heal.
Bruce was no long a shame.
That computer system he started to change.
But before it, he read some of the prayers made.
One of them was from an angered Grace.
He answered yes before it's too late.
He was despondent and really, really sad.
He fell on his knees and asked.
Asked GOD to take the fate he put in his hands.
& decided to surrender to his plan.
Bruce is hit by a truck and knocked unconscious.
While he's out he has another encounter.
Another encounter with GOD.
Where he admits what he really wants.
After GOD agrees, Bruce awakes.
and right by his side is AMAZING GRACE.

Jim Carry
Bruce Nolan
Morgan Freeman
Jennifer Anniston

Evan Almighty

Strong Message

After Bruce gets EVAN BAXTER out of the picture.
He leaves New York and moves to Virginia.
Where he becomes a well know congressman.
But GOD puts him there with another Plan.
He gets the job and his family.
Are closer than they used to be.
He gets an office. He gets his staffers.
But strange signs were showing up after.
Numbers 614 showed up each place he went.
Tools and wood were at his door when he opened it.
A man appears everywhere that he goes.
Animals follow him, and birds fly in his window.
He suspiciously grows a beard.
He shaves it off but it reappears.
He purchases eight vacant lots.
and researches why he bought.
He found what 614 means.
In Genesis GOD was instructing.
He instructed Noah to build an ark.
Later, GOD told him that he had to start.
GOD told him, there is a flood coming.
Evan informed others but they weren't listening.
While constructing, the animals keep coming.
but it's more spotlight on him developing.
Developing a relationship with his family.
Together, they spend the time building.
The animals followed Evan to work.
Erik's superiors, let it go at first.
But CHUCK LONG enforced it was wrong.
and told Evan he won't tolerate it for long.
Evan's appearance has outraged his staff.
They looked at him and no longer could laugh.
So GOD gave him the proper clothes.
He went back to work and he told.
The truth about his change in appearance.
He reveals it wasn't him but GOD who did it.
After wearing the robe for some time.
Evan begins to realize.
That he cannot change his clothes.
but could only wear what GOD chose.
He went back to work.
He explains what his mission is worth.
Chuck Long is not buying any of it.
Evan is then terminated.
More animals come as he finishes.
His ark gains the media's attention.
In the midst, Evan loses his wife.
But GOD comes to her and reveals the light.
So, she returns to Evan's side.
Helps him to get the people inside.
The day arrives. So do his staffers.
With the information that Evan Baxter.
Found about Chuck Long.
He commissioned a dam that will flood the homes.
So he continues to load people in the ark.
As crews watch this all take part.
Long brings in a wrecking crew to demolish it.
But a sudden rainstorm puts an end to it.
Buying Evan a little time.
In that little time, he realized.
That the damn that Chuck Long commissioned.
Had codes that were violated.
As it unfolded, Long was outraged.
Because the flood had come and changed.
He was later exposed for his ethics.
That dam breaking sent him a strong message.

Steve Carell
Evan Baxter
Morgan Freeman
John Goodman
Chuck Long

Morgan Freeman/GOD

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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