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Aloha review

Updated on June 1, 2015

My summary: Bradley Cooper plays a guy in the military who was dumped by his girlfriend and now takes on a new woman played by Emma Stone. The two start to fall for each other and drama ensues as he visits his ex and her new boyfriend often. Also there is a subplot about a foreign group of people in Hawaii or something that want to take over the sky...(don't ask).

The Good: Well you can't have romance without two leads with chemistry and this film is no exception. Stone and Cooper are just adorable together from start to finish they will just make you smile. Cooper is the normal sounding guy with a broken heart that opens up again after Stone enters. He becomes the guy every girl wants to be around; muscular, smiley, funny, affectionate, playful, and so on. Stone plays the overly obedient apprentice with an energetic and positive spirit. She never gets tired and knows how to be gentle, hard working, flirtatious and all. They play off each other so well you can't see them ever getting mad at each other. There is one scene when McAdams opens a letter from her current boyfriend (I don't remember if they are married they don't say much to each other) and the boyfriend, who doesn't say much in the film, says how he feels and it is remarkable. I didn't expect that rather I thought it was building up to a joke but it surprisingly got serious and presented an emotionally effective scene. Suddenly the boyfriend no longer was a silent giant anymore. He was a man with emotional insecurities and a 3 dimensional being.

The Bad: The problem is not so much what the movie does wrong but what little it does at all. Basically another false advertisement because everything you were anticipating from the trailer is not explored in the film. McAdam's character in the trailer is shown telling Cooper to talk with her about how she is feeling before she explodes which seems like a very honest way of communicating. But they literally brush it off with Cooper making a funny remark and that's it. No discussion or dramatic insight just a setup for a gag to avoid complexity. Their relationship in general was confusing because they literally don't talk much about themselves to each other. Basically everything you saw with them two in the trailer is it. They broke up because he is a workaholic who creates more work in order to avoid real work and that's it. The other major problem is kind of like the Pitch Perfect 2 problem because most of what you see in the trailer builds up things for you to see the film. Almost none of the build up you see in the trailer is seen in the film. Bill Murray doesn't say his line from the trailer in the film at an important time or even to anyone except to a person at a bar who you don't even see while the bar music is playing. Murray practically isn't even in the film that long and neither is Alec Baldwin until the end. The first shot you see in the trailer of Alec and Cooper is not shown until the very end. But my main problem with the film is that it takes absolutely no chances whatsoever. It's your typically girl loves guy, girl then hates guy for something he did, guy makes it up to her by correcting his mistake, false presumption that they won't be together because of something, yet they still manage to make it work and live happily ever after. You've seen it before, you may have anticipated it, and you may be wondering "What were you expecting man?" Well many films that follow this plot usually would use the big stars they had more in the film. I don't know about you but I honestly wanted to see more of Baldwin and Murray. I'm not saying this movie is bad but it truly is the kind of movie you will forget an hour after you finish it.

Verdict: Safe

I never saw the label to a movie being safe as good. This means that the movie hadn't done much of anything wrong but it leaves no flavor to enjoy. Especially since the director of this film made Jerry Maguire and Almost Famous. This is no excuse and I am hoping this was a fluke because I saw potential in the film. I didn't laugh much at all but I wasn't infuriated at all. It kept me hoping it would take a chance some time but it never did. After leaving the theater I realized I didn't really care if the two got together at the end because of the plot, set up, events, or even anything that was going on. I cared about them because they were Emma Stone and Bradley Cooper. They just looked cute together and they deserved a better story. If you just want a date night or you're a guy who is trying to find a movie that is harmless romance stuff to see with a girl it'll get the job done. But if you're looking for an entertaining movie just be sure you're not going in hungry for anything appetizing.


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