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Alove for Enemies: Music From the Christian Heart with a Hardcore Edge

Updated on October 3, 2010

When singer Erich Barto and bass player Luke Anthony would see each other in the streets between their two homes (which were three houses away from one another), their conversations were more likely to be about friends in their elementary school class than about plans to eventually form a Christian band together. In fact, even when the two began to pursue their own individual musical careers, they didn’t immediately come together.

In 2001, when Alove For Enemies first formed, it was not Luke Anthony, but rather Erich’s friend (and former band member) AJ who helped Erich to get the ball rolling. However, once it was started, it just kept going, despite challenges along the way. In fact, this hardcore Christian band was a very prolific band until it decided to break up in 2007.

The main challenge for the group was to find the right set of people who worked well together and who were willing to hang in there for the long haul. AJ left the band to pursue higher education and the group went through a number of transitions including a frequent change in drummers. But the team eventually settled in to itself, forming a quintet with a strong musical composition. 

Much of what bound together the final team was their shared commitment to producing music from the center of their hearts. They frequently faced the question of whether and how to compromise their musical integrity in order to make a living with their songs, but they consistently returned to the belief that continuing to write and produce music which was in tune with their own style was the route to true success. For several the band members developed together on this route, growing their creativities in the same vein so that they really melded together as a group.

Despite some ups and downs over the years, the band was prolific, putting out five albums in six years: The Truth of Trumpets in 2001, Silent Rival in 2002, Broken Pledge in 2003, The Harvest in 2005 and their last record, Resistance , in 2006. Working with Facedown Records, they recorded Harvest and Resistance in a formal New York studio, but they remained true to their goals and took their time in writing and recording the albums so that their artistic integrity would not be compromised.

Resistance was a good culmination of all of the group’s hard work together over the years. It had a dark edge to it, highlighting the best of the metal-infused hardcore sound that runs through all of their songs, but the overall message of their music is one of light and this is also reflected in the album. As a Christian band staying true to their faith, they had the opportunity to share their message, which is one of tolerance. It is their belief that society is comprised of different people who come together with a common goal and they hoped that their music would help to support this goal.

They also hoped that, by staying true to their own style, they could encourage their listeners (particularly the younger ones) to stay on the path to finding and developing their true selves, eschewing trends for the opportunity for self-understanding. Although the band is no longer together, this is an important message for kids to continue to hear.


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