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Alternate Realities

Updated on September 7, 2007

Alternate Realities

Have you ever done a search on your own name? It might surprise you that you are not the only one on the Earth at this particular time and space, with your same name. My name is not a common one. I did it the other day, a search, not expecting to encounter anybody else but myself, because, for heaven's sake, who could have a name just like mine? Well, guess what, enter the Twilight Zone.....Yes! There was another person with my exact maiden name. Not only that, but that person had a website....and, it was a very eerie experience to encounter my namesake with a very professional-looking website. The strangest thing about it, though, was the fact that she was a singer...and a guitar player; a budding new starlet (with talent), and guess what, it has to be no coincidence that I am addicted to Thursday night karaoke at the nearest bar, where everybody cheers when I arrive. The only difference here is that this person is in her mid-twenties and I am in my mid-fifties. Could it be that this was a glimpse of what I could have been in my twenties, had I not rushed into marriage? A starlet! How about that?! Or, could it be something intrinsic about the particular vibration of the name that made us both pursue or enjoy music in much the same way? I tell you I have played classical guitar since I was in the 7th grade. It is eerie. She even looked a little like me when I was young.

You should try it sometime....Google your name. If you are a married female, first try your maiden name. Then try your married name. Try all the possibilities. Believe it or not, I also encountered that I wasn't the only one with my particular married name....only this time, there was no starlet nor website to be found...I was just unable to create a website with that name because it was already taken. Heaven knows what alternate realities you will encounter! Gee, I wish you luck! You just might find more than one!


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    • maricarbo profile image

      maricarbo 10 years ago

      Betsy, I try to go to Karaoke every Thursday evening here in Panama City to practice my singing.....thank you for your compliment!

    • profile image

      Betsy 10 years ago


      You are a wonderful signer and guitar player. Sing on!