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Non-commerical 90's- Gothic-Atmosphere Band

Updated on June 10, 2010

Lazy Calm

#1 Lazy Calm- Four Calendar Cafe

The Cocteau Twins are a Scottish Band that were big from 1979-1997. They made their own category of music. Some classify it as Gothic Atmospheric music. The lyrics are obscure. Some people say that they are incredible artists because sometimes the lyrics might change according to their mood. This particular songs is so other worldly. The Wikipedia categorize them as Dream Pop music with has its roots in:


- Wikipedia,

Enigma Goodbye Milky Way- unoffical version

#2 Enigma Goodbye Milky Way- Unofficial Version

Enigma is just off the charts as far as commerical music. It is another music, another experience. This version is tweeked. This is the truth also. The Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxy will merge in about 5 billion years or something crazy like that.

Cluster One Pink Floyd

#3 Pink Floyd Division Bell Cluster One

A great instrumental that makes you feel like you are floating in space. The first time I really got into this album was when I was taking a river trip down the Grand Canyon. We were relaxing on the rubber boat on the night before the trip began.   This tune was echoing off the Canyon Walls- something I will never forget.

Wonderful Chill Out

#4 Wonderful Chill Out Music

Just found this exploring anything and everything different. So this is haunting and relaxing but not too relaxing- its still got a beat.

C.T Heaven or Las Vegas

#5 Cocteau Twins Heaven or Las Vegas

 This is another Cocteau Twins song that is a little more popular.  They are just so different and amazing I had to put them on the list again.  Four Calandar Cafe  and Heaven or Las Vegas are the two albums that I was obsessed with in 1990.  Now that I go back it was as if they were speaking to me on some emotional level. 

Cocteau Twins Albums


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