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Stargate SG-1: Amanda Tapping - My Inspiration

Updated on July 25, 2016
Amanda Tapping
Amanda Tapping | Source

After a decade of being out of school, Amanda Tapping inspired me to go back to college and finish my Physics degree (although I later decided to change my major to theater). Well, a more accurate statement would be that a character that she played on a long-running television series inspired me to go back to college. Tapping played as the beautiful, tough, and extremely intelligent Colonel Samantha Carter in the Stargate series that began in 1997 and ran for over ten years. She made over 200 appearances within the series and movies, and is the actor with the most appearances in the Stargate series. Her co-stars, Richard Dean Anderson, Christopher Judge, Michael Shanks, and Don S. Davis, were also regulars in the series appeared in many episodes. The series was very popular. It, along with many of the cast members, designers, producers, writers, etc., was nominated for over 100 awards during the installment's lifetime and winning over 20 awards. Among those awards, Amanda Tapping won the Leo Award for Best Lead Performance for Females in 2002, 2004, and 2005, and the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress on Television in 2005.


Amanda Tapping is a native of England, born in Rochford, Essex. Her family moved to Canada when she was a baby. She currently resides in Canada with her husband, Alan Kovacs, and only child, Olivia B. Kovacs. She has three brothers, one of whom is her fraternal twin. She is a spokesperson for UNICEF and is actively involved in her charity, "Sanctuary for Kids". Tapping had been interested in acting since she was a child in school, and attended the University of Windsor School of Dramatic Arts in Ontario, Canada.Tapping has also appeared in a number of other popular series such as Flash Forward, Sanctuary, and currently, Supernatural (another of my favorite television shows). She's done several commercials, and has even directed an episode of Stargate, as well as served as the Executive Producer for Sanctuary. However, out of all of the acting, producing, and directing that she's done, portraying Samantha Carter in Stargate was the job that really put her name on the charts as an outstanding actress.


Samantha Carter started off as a Major in the Air Force in Stargate: SG-1. She was an astrophysicist and often spent most of her time on the base studying and building alien technology. She, along with the other three members of SG-1 (stands for Stargate 1, because they were the first team made for the operation), often traveled to other planets and interacted and/or battled with alien beings. Although she often found herself in odd and often life-threatening situations, she never gave up and always gave 100 percent. She was also in love with her superior and direct commander, Jack O'Neal (played by Richard Dean Anderson of MacGyver) but she never let that stand in the way of her job. These qualities are very admirable and are two of the many reasons that I fell in love with her character.

Amanda Tapping has played numerous roles in a number of television shows and movies. In the television series Flash Forward, in 1996, she played the character Miss Yansouni in six episodes. In another television series called Millennium, in 1999, she played the character Dr. Cantor. She played a character named Carrie Maddox in a movie called Life or Something Like It in 2002. She played a character named Dr. Helen Magnus in a TV series called Sanctuary in 2007. These are only a few of the many roles that Amanda Tapping has done, and, as of now, she is still going strong in her acting career.

Currently (as of 2013) Amanda Tapping has landed a recurring role on the hit television show Supernatural. She is playing Naomi, a seemingly devious angel who manipulates Castiel into doing her "dirty" work. When she first appeared in an episode, I didn't recognize her because she is now sporting the dark brown hair and I was used to seeing her blond hair because I've been rewatching the whole Stargate: SG1 Series (ten long but entertaining seasons). I saw her name in the credits and I had to go back through the episode to find her (DVR is wonderful). Since the season is still running, her true intent has not been revealed yet so I'm not sure if she is good or bad, but I'm so excited to find out what her intentions are. As if Supernatural wasn't already the most awesome show ever, adding Amanda Tapping to the show was the icing on the cake. I hope her character sticks around in the next season of Supernatural.

In my opinion, Amanda Tapping was the perfect fit for the role of Samantha Carter. She has superior acting skills and portrayed the character with just the right amount of grace and toughness. Samantha Carter laughed, cried, threw her emotional "woman" tantrums sometimes, but she was always professional and pulled her weight as an equal member of the team. I am aware that Samantha Carter is only a character and not a real person, but the idea of a woman such as Samantha Carter--good looks, bravery that rivals the men on her team, and intelligence that would make Marie Curie look like a high school dropout--was so attractive to me that I felt as if I could also take on the galaxy just as she did. I'm grateful that Amanda Tapping took on this role and played it to the best of her ability because watching Samantha Carter gave me the inspiration that I needed to change my life and be like her. In my head, I think that I can be the real Samantha Carter who saves the world on a daily basis with her superior knowledge of physics and astronomy. Amanda Tapping is an actress that plays all of her roles with great passion. She is great at pulling her audience in and making them feel what her character is feeling. I hope that Tapping, still looking great at the age of 47, continues to take on roles that inspire women to rise to the challenge of filling extraordinary roles throughout their lives.


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