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How to Build Self Confidence in Kids -7 Traits of a Gifted and Talented Child

Updated on March 10, 2014

Are we building or tearing down our child's self confidence?

Sometimes we look at our children and only notice the noise, mess, poop and day to day drama. Of course they are our beautiful angels, but we are in a zone that has us busy nurturing, feeding and providing; that we sometimes don't look close enough or are too busy to see what our child's true desires are and how we can encourage them to explore them further.

We may have natural lawyers, doctors, teachers, authors, mathematicians, artist or performers etc; but, we only see the day to day work we must do as parents. We later wonder why we lost money when they change their majors, drop out of college, or don't know what to do later.

Taking the time to help our children grow and expand into the best person they can starts with the encouragement and freedom to grow into the person they are meant to be. Helping your child have a great self-image has to happen now.

Not having a good self-image as an adult causes problems that keep the self-image gurus rich for years to come as they teach us how to recognize and conquer what is holding us back from succeeding.

  • time
  • patience
  • encouragement

It is a privilege to sit still and watch the talent our children have once inspired and nurtured by parents and family.

I wanted to share what I enjoyed on YouTube. I love being inspired by our future artist. These children are truly talented and amazing. But first I want you to know that a positive self image starts way before a child learns to read or write according to Dr. Debora Phillips of "How to give Your Child a Great Self-Image".

I didn't know that not letting a child work out new things for themselves stunts the growth on new things. Did you? This doesn't mean we art good parents, it just means we don't have the degree and experience of a child psychiatrist or behavioral therapist.

I am a much better grandparent then I was a parent. Not because I didn't love and nurture my children, but because of my ignorance. I found my copy of "How to Give Your Child Great Self-Image" from a book sale. It has proven confidence techniques for children of all ages. I strongly recommend you get your own copy.

My granddaughter listens attentively to every word I say in a way I've never experienced from my own 3 children coming up. I'd like to think my out look on encouraging a child has something to do with that.(I do love to spoil her and have more available time for her.) Give your child the gift of self-image as you learn to improve yours.

Well, here are the wonderful video I promised...

What is truly amazing is that these talented children could not realize their gifts to this capacity without wonderful people to assist and encourage them. i salute the parents and caretakers that saw talent in these children and chose to further inspire them.

If you should realize your child's natural talent whatever it is please take the time and nurture it. You never know where it can lead. Please enjoy and share.

Gifted and Talented Children Singing - Introducing Jotta Agnus Dei-Holy

Amazing Grace - 2:43 will blow your socks off!!

I Will Always Love You- Whitney Houston

Be totally amazed at 1:58

Beyond Bullying!! Go Andrew!

I hope you enjoyed the videos like I did. I am truly inspired to look for all talent and gifts in my grandchildren and other children. I recently found a little 5 year old that has an astonishing memory. I was reading a book to him and found that he already memorize it.

I know we have probably seen this type of thing before but didn't realize until later that we could have enhanced our child's mental growth somehow.

7 Traits of a Gifted Child

Did you know that a good memory is a trait of a gifted child?

  • Good memory
  • Nonconformist in clothing, hairstyle etc
  • Fair/not so good grade.(boredom) Testing off the charts.
  • Many interest and hobbies.
  • May be a loner.
  • Higher degree of depression.
  • Obvious talent.

Every child has a talent; even if it is the ability to make others feel good. Nurture and watch your child to find their passion. Find out what gift or talent your child has to offer.

I don't believe in labeling a child because all children are special. In fact the ones that are considered normal work harder because they have to; while a talented child may grasp things easier and become bored. In any case, building your child's self-confidence and self-image is a job we have to take seriously to enable our children to be all they can be.

Think your child is gifted or talented? Visit National Society for the Gifted and Talented.


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