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Amazing News Stories (I Never Hear About)

Updated on August 22, 2012

Perhaps It's Just Me

I wrote an article the other day about a 4 year old getting shot in a liquor store. The big question was how did this boy get the gun. I thought the irony of the story was that nobody asked why he was in a liquor store to begin with. I wanted to know the answer to that question, but I never got it.

I admit I don’t watch the news. Even when I do, I hear so much misinformation and conflicting information that it makes my ears bleed. Half the time, I simply can’t sort through it all. Have you tried to figure out what the Tea Party and Palin is all about? It stretches my brain beyond its capacity. And, there are so many obscure stories that I happen to fall across that pique my interest in a different way. Are you a writer? Need fodder or filler for a novel, well…look at stories of the bizarre. For instance, there was a Grandmother in Paris stuck in her bathroom for 3 weeks. THREE weeks, stuck in her bathroom. The neighbors heard her pounding on pipes but thought it was workmen in the building. They were so annoyed at the pounding at all hours of the night that they signed a petition to get it stopped. Do I really need to mention the irony of that?

I don’t remember hearing about the 29 people slaughtered in Guatemala last year either, even though it had decapitations and involved someone connected with drug trafficking in the Unites States. Why don’t I hear about these things? I always seem to find some article tucked away on some social page with links pointing to other unlikely locations. On the one hand, I ask “is Grandma in the bathroom news,” really? It would be if it were my Grandma. Getting your head cut off in a foreign country, that sounds like news. Or, at least, it sounds like something we might want to hear about. What if I were traveling to Guatemala? I bet this isn’t on the travel sites. Want background for a book you are writing? You don’t have make some the this stuff up, just change a name or two, or possibly the location.

How about the guy who welded a hitch to the back of a Hyundai so he could pull an Ultralight Aircraft across 2 states? Hear about him? No? Oh, wait, that was my brother. Maybe I get struck by the news of the weird and unusual because I am exposed daily to the news of the weird and unusual. I can’t make most of this stuff up. I really happens. He is the same guy who chased a bear through the woods in Alaska because it ransacked his campsite. He had to teach the bear that it couldn’t just go rummaging through campsites for food because it was dangerous. Those are his words, not mine.

I do tend to notice strange things. I also tend to be vocal about them. For instance, Hedge Funds and Flipping. Anybody know the actual history of these terms? See Hedge funds used to be called that because one person would be funds low and sell high, then the fund would plunge and those who bought high would lose money while the low buyers gained it…and the whole time, the man in the middle set the price for what was low and what was high…it is called hedging your bets. In this case, they were made illegal in the 1920’s. Anybody care to tell me what has changed in the last 100 years? Flipping is most often the term used for buying a house or property for a low price, and doing mostly nothing to it and turn around and selling it at a higher price. Sometimes, the property never even left the original owners hands. They sold it on contract, to another individual who then sold it to someone else for more money. If you are a realtor, this is an illegal practice. Technically, you aren’t supposed to be able to sell a property without equitable title, unfortunately sometimes land contracts give equitable title. I guess the biggest ethical issue here is if the original owner is aware of the terms of the sell then nobody really has a forum for complaint. If however, the piece of paper being passed around to show ownership gets slipped through several finance companies, or banks, or land holding firms, Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae, then we have another issue.

We heard about the drop in the AAA credit rating and we heard about the stock market volatility. Did anybody notice that when our credit rating went down that people were actually taking this time to put money into the US government? Doesn’t that strike you as odd? We take a credit hit and people want to buy our stock. I guess when I flunked out of economics there was a good reason for it…see to me, if the value of something goes down, I am not interested in jumping in and paying more for it. Someday, I will have to cover my thoughts on buying futures. In my opinion, buying futures actually artificially raises the stock price, uhm, in the future. Odd how that works, isn’t it? Show me some articles of weirdness on that story slant.


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