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Amazing Race -- Unfinished Business -- And The Winner Is...

Updated on May 9, 2011

Final Elimination and Winner

The first leg of the race is to get to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. All the teams get on the same train to Zurich and book on the same flight to Rio. When the plane lands they all rush to taxis. I was chortling my butt off when the Trotters get a slow cab and I started chanting, "You invoked karma, now enjoy getting a taste of it, yourself." Because of the slow cab they miss the cable car and have to wait 30 minutes while the other teams find the next clue.

Roadblock -- Teams have to learn the Samba in a wild carnival outfit and lead their troupe through the streets to a woman who will approve of disapprove of their dance. A better name for this leg might have been White Man Can't Dance. Zev has to do the task multi-times before he finally pasts muster, and because of that he and Justin fall way behind the other racers.

Copacabana is the next stop. And it's another roadblock called Rip and Read. Both team members must endure a Brazilian wax. I was flinching just watching it. This task also worked against Zev and Justin, as both are very hairy men. After that, it's time to head to the beach for a... 

Detour -- On the Rocks or On the Beach

On the Rocks you have to make 100 of the local drinks. On the Beach you have to sell bikinis. Zev and Justin make a crucial mistake in trying to do the bikini task and no one will buy from them, so they have to go and do the drink task which causes them to be dead last. I hearted them when they said the Trotters are so annoying. The Trotters showed their ugly in the last leg of the race and I can't even stomach them. I was hoping they'd be the ones who got eliminated, but it was Zev and Justin.

The final three racers are told Miami is their final destination. They all make the same flight, again. Unfortunately, Gary and Mallory get a taxi driver who really messes them up and they end up playing catch up throughout the rest of the race.

Roadblock -- Transport a bout to dry dock using a fork lift. 

None of the teams have a hard time doing it and head off to their next destination: Key Largo.

Roadblock -- a team member must travel through a school of mermaids using a personal submarine to find a treasure chest containing their next clue. Karma visits upon the Trotters again. They manage to finish this task first, but then they can't find their cab, allowing Jen/Kisha to get ahead of them. It's a lead they continue throughout the remaining part of the race. How ironic they couldn't find their mold last game, so they took Vyxsin's and bullied her throughout the task and the moment that costs them the race is they can't find their cab. What can I say about karma. Don't invoke it, or you'll choke it.

The next destination is Camp By The Sea where teams have to walk across the water to Horse Shoe Island to find their next clue, then walk about and enjoy a ride in a high speed boat and head to a mobile home park and set up their own mobile home to look like the brochure their given.

The wind gives Jen/Kisha and the Trotters real trouble in doing the task and Gary/Mallory manage to catch up, but Jen/Kisha and the Trotters finish first for the final leg which is to ride a bike across the Seven Mile Bridge to the finish line.

You'd think the Trotters could have caught up since their athletes and beat the girls on bikes, but they couldn't and Jen/Kisha crossed the line, first. Thank God! I didn't really care for the three final teams left, but I'm just glad the Trotters didn't win.

I noticed when the show showed clips of the Trotters journey on the race they conveniently left out all the negative stuff about them. Don't worry, I've got a good memory, as I'm sure many others do. We won't forget how they bullied a woman who was innocent of what they deemed her guilty of.


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