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Amazing Race -- Unfinished Business -- Varanasi

Updated on April 11, 2011

Of Buffalo Patties And Holy Men

Racers are enjoying a rest at the pit stop in Calcutta. Gary and Mallory are especially enjoying it, as they get treated to a feast for coming in first on the last leg of the race. Zev is disappointed that this leg will continue in India as he can't wait to leave the country. He calls Calcutta Calcrowded. The next leg of the race is to Varansi.

The Cowboys end up in last place when they take a flight that leaves an hour later than everyone else's flight. Before taking off, Gary and Mallory research Varansi on the Internet. The Cowboys realize their in last place and are taking a later flight than everyone else.

Once the first plan lands, everyone races to get the jump on everyone else. Kynt hits his head and whines incessantly. I don't know how Vyxen puts up with this dude. They appear to be in last place of the racers that have arrived in Varansi. 

Zev and Justin get in a cab that needs gas, so the driver heads to a gas station to fuel up, much to the boys dismay.

Ron and Christina get redirected by the police, while The Trotters and Jen/Kisha get in a race to the next destination.

In a weird twist of fate The Goths actually get to the Roadblock task first. The Roadblock consists of locating several holy men with slips of paper. Once you have all the slips of paper you need to take the message to another holy man. They get pictures of the holy men they need to find.

Ron has so much trouble doing this task, that even though The Cowboys arrive an hour late to the task, they manage to finish it before Ron does.

Next up the teams face a Detour in Tulsi Ghat. Teams have a choice between: Feed The Fire or Feed The Buffalo.

Feed The Fire: teams have to make 50 buffalo patties out of buffalo manure and slap them on a wall to dry then start a fire to get your next clue. The lady at that task is pretty picky. If you make them too small or too large she knocks them off the wall and you have to start all over again.

Feed The Buffalo: teams have to deliver two bales of hay to the address on hay.

Jen and Kisha arrive at the Detour first, and decide to do Feed The Fire. The smell of the buffalo manure is making them sick. They even fight over how big the patties should be.

The Trotters are second and decide to deliver hay, as do Zev and Justin.

The Goths and Gary and Mallory head off to make buffalo patties. Mal says this is the very same outfit she was wearing last time when she had to do a task involving cow manure. Once this is over, this outfit is going bye-bye. Mal also got a little unnerved when she and her father say some of the locals burning corpses in a funeral ceremony.

Feed The Buffalo seems to be the task that's quickest to complete, as both the Trotter and Zev and Justin race to be first at the pit stop in Ramanagar.  The Trotters beat Zev and Justin and are declared number one. As a reward they win a trip to Hawaii. 

Both The Cowboys and Ron and Christina decide to Feed The Buffalo, while The Goths and Kynt and Vyxen finish task and head to pit stop. Kynt and Vyxen have some troubles as they depart. Kynt whines that the driver of their boat is too slow and Vxyen jumps out of the boat and drags it back to the dock, saying this isn't the way they should go. Vyxen ignores Kynt's high-pitched whine and they go to find a taxi. Kynt drags a man, who looks rather old even though they blocked his face, out of the cab so they can take it to the pit stop.

Kisha and Jen are 3rd and Gary and Mallory are 4th. The Cowboy's actually come in 5th, ahead of two teams. It comes down to The Goths and Ron and Christina. Ron kept his temper this leg and was pretty mellow, but karma was on vacation, as The Goths make it to the pit stop before Ron and Christina.

The Cowboys managed to save themselves from the jaws of defeat, but how many more times can they do this? Hopefully, from now on they'll double-check flights before booking the wrong one.


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