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Amazing Rhymes

Updated on October 10, 2017

The Amazing Spider Man

The Cure

PETER PARKER finds out that his father.
Used to work with Doctor CURT CONNERS.
Conners was an Oscorp scientist.
In the field of cross-species genetics.
Parker sneaks in the lab after hours.
& finds genetically modified spiders.
They break loose and one of them.
Sinks it's teeth with venom inside him.
Peter feels immediately drained.
Gets home and sees no change.
He's developed Spider like senses.
With reflexes and sharp vision.
He's well balanced with enhanced speed.
He then sees that he's his father's breed.
Peter goes to the one-armed Conners.
Gives him an anecdote from his father.
The antidote is for missing limbs.
Conners can grow the arm that's missing on him.
The next day he wonders.
While being pressured by his superiors.
To devise a cure for Norman Osborn.
While Peter's in school in spider form.
Freaking out the other students.
As they see him doing the Miraculous.
When he goes home. His Uncle ben awaits.
They argue about what took place.
What took place earlier in school.
Peter walks away to keep his cool.
He walks to the store to buy milk.
A thief comes in and robs it.
After he does, he escapes.
but Peter puts an end to his fate.
In the midst, the thief kills uncle ben.
At that moment Peter begin.
Begin to fight all injustice.
His senses, he perfected.
Meanwhile, Dr.Connors processes.
DNA from a Lizard that he tested.
The DNA reconstructed his arm.
Connors turns into a LIZARD.
Manifests on a bridge but Peter.
Peter then says that he is SPIDER-MAN
& realizes he's the villain.
In a brief battle in the sewer.
Peter gets some pictures.
Then runs to his friend Gwen.
Together, they develop a plan.
The Lizard finds that the Spider.
Is the smart young man, Peter Parker.
Lizard plans to make humans lizard-like.
Spiderman and Gwen make it right.

Andrew Garfield
Peter Parker/Gwen Stacey
Emma Stone
Gwen Stacey
Rhys Ifan
Dr. Conners/Lizard

The Amazing Spider man 2

Two Villians

Richard Parker was killed in a plane crash.
But was wanted dead because he had a plan.
Before he died he uploaded a video.
Explaining the reason that he had to go.
Presently, Peter is still Spider-man.
Fighting injustice across the land.
He graduates High School.
To be a hero he has more room.
He hangs out with his childhood buddy.
HARRY OSBORN, came to visit his family.
In a lab across town MAX DILLON.
Unknowingly, becomes a villain.
He shocks himself by accident.
Falls in a tank with electric.
Electric eels. They all attack him.
Altering DNA to make him.
ELECTRO. That is who he became.
An electric generator that rises to fame.
He wonders in time square and causes a blackout.
Until Spider-man comes & figures him out.
Meanwhile, Harry's illness is showing.
But is saved by the blood that's flowing.
That's flowing through Spider-Man.
Peter's sudden visit, fulfill his plans.
Peter knows it and refuses.
He's not sure of the affects transfusion.
Harry & Electro make a deal.
Electro helps him to steal.
Steals the suit that helps him heal.
While electro is trying to kill.
He's trying to kill Spiderman.
But Peter and Gwen team up again.
They overload Electro's body.
That kills him, but still alive is Harry.
Harry's now the GREEN GOBLIN.
In a brief battle, Peter Stops him.

Andrew Garfield
Peter Parker/Spiderman
Jami Foxx
Max Dillon
Dane Deehan
Harry Osborn/Green Goblin

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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