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Amazon Presents: Amazon Fire TV

Updated on August 6, 2014
Easy to use and works like a charm.
Easy to use and works like a charm.
Amazon Fire TV $99
Amazon Fire TV $99 | Source

Amazon Released Fire TV

Last August in an event in New York City, Amazon released the Fire TV streaming media box.

Difference between Fire TV and Apple TV

Essentially, this thing is the 'Apple TV' but targeting the people who really love their prime subscription and says 'Amazon' on top of it.

Amazon Fire TV has a nice small Amazon logo on top and overall the whole thing is very very small. This thins is also very very dense and covered in really nice matte black plastic.

Fire TV is super thin and surprisingly heavy because the inside has pretty much huge heatsink.

Cross-sectional view of Fire TV.
Cross-sectional view of Fire TV. | Source


Beside being small and thin, Fire TV is all powered by:

  • 1.7 GHz quad-core processor
  • Dedicated GPU
  • 2 GB of RAM

This is far more powerful than any other streaming media box out there.

Voice Search

When they are announcing the product, they made a big deal about how this really great voices search. Its super-fast and super accurate and I gotta say they're right because its better and faster than any other voice search I've seen out there.

The voice search is located in the remote which has a microphone on it. You can hold down the button and say what you want to watch or actor whose movie you're looking for and it comes right after the search.

It's really quick and easy.


A cool option and other big thing I mentioned earlier is power and speed. There's all this processing under Fire TV. And while that works really well for navigating the UI and they kept that carousel layout where you scroll left to right to be all these things.

Everything super responsive really most of that powers for playing games. That's where it really comes into play.

Its interesting because that power was also part of what they had it for bringing up stuff for the quick right parts of the Fire TV. And the capability to link you the hot stuff immediately.

5-Star Rating For Amazon Fire TV

5 stars for Fire TV


The problems that come in though is when you're getting beyond something that's really easy for the voice search to recognize whether its a foreign film or something without a name of a character that is hard to pronounce a Gibberish title.

If you were somebody who has speech impediment or speech disorder, you still have to detect search and the way thy're laid out is much much worse than any other companies are doing.

A lot of the other one stick to the big square lot layout that you see on the screen. Navigate around with the cursor and you punch it in which is not great.

But what Amazon done is left this carousel from left to right that goes A to Z. You need to swing back around to find the next letter which is very tiring and boring to do.

And while in 'theory' you can use voice search across the entire platform, you can't use it within other app sync content sources. Its really for Amazon so if you're in the Netflix app and you hold on the voice search button, it kicks you back up to the home screen and then perform search on 'prime' videos and instantly playing videos.

Now Amazon does pulling results from 'Hulu' but they kinda bury those in a menu so even if its available free on Hulu you have to pay $599 through Amazon.

Comparison Table

Amazon Fire TV
Roku 3
Apple TV
Google Chromecast
Prize List
Voice Search
HDMI Video Out (up to 1080p)
2 GB
512 MB
512 MB
Optional Dedicated Game Controller (sold separately)
Yes ($40)

What streaming media box are you using?

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Thank you

Thank you for reading my review on Amazon Fire TV. You can always use this link to buy the Fire TV on Amazon which is recommendable for me. Such a powerful and smooth streaming media box.


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