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Amazon Prime Benefits

Updated on March 11, 2015
Amazon prime
Amazon prime | Source

My Kindle

Through my work I earned enough points to purchase my very first tablet and I chose my Kindle. The other tablets suck, in my opinion, because they cost to much and restrict how you use them unless you spend a bunch of money. I love my Kindle. I'm writing this page in bed from my Kindle. I discovered Amazon prime after I received a month free trial on my Kindle. Let me share with you some benefits I have found out about Amazon prime.

Free books

Every month Amazon gives its prime members a choice of two free books out of four soon to be published works. This has been a great way to increase my library and find new authors all for free.

They also give you access to 500,000 books for free in the kindle edition. The video below shows you how.

Amazon Instant video

Amazon prime members get access to thousands of movies and tv shows to watch for free. It is just like my Netflix account. This has proven to be fun as well.

Free shipping on Amazon

I spent several hundred dollars on Amazon shipping last year and now as an Amazon prime member I get free two day shipping on all items that have the prime logo next to it. It will save me a bunch on Christmas shopping.

Free music

Amazon prime members gain access to millions of songs. Just search what you like and most of it is there. I put on several playlists of music by type and decade. The music selection has not let me down.

Unlimited photo storage

Amazon prime members can store an unlimited amount of photos on cloud. There is no restrictions on size or resolution of photos. This is a cool feature and it protects you from losing photos if your device breaks.

How much is Amazon prime?

Right now they charge 99.00 a year. For all the features I believe this to be a great purchase.

What is your favorite Amazon prime benefit?

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