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Amazon Video on Demand on VIZIO HDTV with Internet Apps

Updated on September 22, 2010
Amazon Video On Demand -- image credit:
Amazon Video On Demand -- image credit:

Amazon Video on Demand on VIZIO

With Amazon Video On Demand, you can browse, purchase, and watch your favorite movies and TV shows (in both standard definition and in HD) on your VIZIO instantly – no downloading or waiting required.

You buy or rent what you watch, but no subscription fee is required.

VIZIO Class XVT Series Internet Apps HDTV available now

NEWS -- The brand new VIZIO 3SV models with Internet Apps contain all the popular features of the current models with Internet Apps with added appearance and technology improvements. The new models are now available from Amazon.

Reviews -- Highly favorable reviews of the new VIZIO XVT553SV 55-Inch model are coming in at 100% 5-star Amazon ratings.

In just over three years VIZIO has become the dominant producer of high quality, affordable big screen TVs. The brand new VIZIO Class XVT Series Internet Apps HDTV is here now!

With its user-friendly design and integrated internet connected functionality, a world of internet content is now at your fingertips right from your HDTV. The new VIZIO Class Series XVT Series Internet Apps HDTV comes in 42-inch, 47-inch, and 55-inch models.

Each model can be connected to the Internet via integrated Wireless-n Wi-Fi or via the included Ethernet port through your router and broadband modem. Made sure you have sufficient bandwidth to fully enjoy your new HDTV experience.

Register your VIZIO HDTV with Amazon Video On Demand

Once you have set up your VIZIO Internet App HDTV, register with VIZIO. You also need to register your VIZIO HDTV with Amazon Video On Demand. You'll need an account if you do not already have one.

On your VIZIO device, load Yahoo! Widgets. Then find the Amazon Video on Demand widget from within the dock and load it. Select "Your Video Library" and follow the instructions.

Choose from thousands of videos at -- image credit:
Choose from thousands of videos at -- image credit:

Choose your first video

Browse Amazon's selection of movies and TV shows from the Amazon Video On Demand store on your VIZIO HDTV, or shop online at in the Video On Demand Store.

Amazon Video on Demand has 50,000 online movies and videos for you to choose from.

Amazon now has HBO programs. You can now buy DVDs and get digital versions to watch instantly of hot shows like "The Sopranos," "True Blood (Season 1)," and "Big Love (Season 1-3)." These HBO titles are also available to rent on a stand-alone basis from Amazon Video on Demand.

Many of the HD movie rentals and HD TV shows are 5.1 audio capable. Videos that are encoded with a 5.1 audio stream will have the information displayed in the Video Format Details section.

Enjoy your movies and videos on your VIZIO

Select Yahoo! Widgets>Amazon Video on Demand>Your Video Library. Now you can see which purchased or rented movies and videos are in your library. Your rented videos will be removed from your library automatically as they expire.

Welcome to the world of high definition interconnected television and Amazon Video On Demand.

Are you looking to buy an HDTV?

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