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All About Amber Heard Movies & More

Updated on July 5, 2011

Have You Heard of Amber

This page is all about the movies of the deliciously hot Amber Heard.

I've shortlist some of my favorite movies of her that shows off her her natural acting talent and of course her raw sexuality that's simmering just underneath her sweet girl next door innocence.

The movie list consist of some of her more recent starring roles mixed in with her sexy memorable supporting cast characters in her earlier films. 

So sit back and enjoy the movie trailers and reviews of her in my humble opinion best films.

Watch Amber Heard shift into High Gear

Amber Heard "Drive Angry" with Nicolas Cage

Here's an over the top supernatural themed 3D action flick that combines the hard hitting revenge seeking escapee from hell, played by the man's man Nicolas Cage, and the wildcat spitfire of a waitress with a lech for a boss, the delightfully sexy Amber Heard.

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane

This is one of her first starring role that caught my eye.

The story starts with a group of boys and girls staying at a out of the way house belonging to one of the guy's rich parents. Things start to become creepy when the lights goes out ...

Her transformation from the sweet shy school girl to the enigmatic seductress is amazing. This is a great movie that adds a huge intense twist to the damsel in distress genre.

And Soon the Darkness

This a remake of a slasher classic which had two English girls touring France.

In this version, two American girls, Amber Heard and her friend tours the back waters of Argentina. Amber's friend disappears under mysterious circumstances, with the local police getting nowhere with the spate of recent disappearances.

Things gets worse when she realise the helpful guy helping in her search might not what he seems. 

Amber in Her Sexiest Scenes

She is the kinky girlfriend that likes to experiment in The Informers. She doesn't have a lot of lines in that movie but she rocks as the open minded girlfriend that ultimately freaks out her boyfriend.

Need I remind you (checkout the movie still below) how hot she looks in the pool scene with Amanda Seyfried and one extremely lucky guy.

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