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Amber Rose's Miniskirt and Shoe Styles

Updated on July 15, 2016
Gingham and plaid mixed
Gingham and plaid mixed

If there is one thing Amber Rose is known for, it's for having a sexy sense of style that catches our attention. We can never wait to see what her next outfit will be. Her mini skirts and shoe styles are especially fun to follow. Between her style tricks and unique sense of fashion, you never know what to expect from Amber Rose's wardrobe.

Combining Different Patterns (right)

Amber Rose wore a combination of prints that most people wouldn't think would go together -- plaid and gingham. You normally see these prints on preppy clothing styles such as pencil skirts with blouses or women's dinner suits.

But Amber Rose took a snug zipper-front, half-jacket in black and white gingham and paired it with a red, blue, and white plaid bell-shaped mini skirt. To top it all off, she wore brown thigh-highs. If only we could all look this sexy in preppy prints!

Covered on Top and Showy on the Bottom (below)

Grandmother used to say if you are showing skin on one part of your body, you should definitely be covered everywhere else. Amber Rose uses this trick while wearing a black leather jacket with a spider design. Her jacket is zipped all the way up while she wears a short black skort that shows off her shapely legs.

Black spider leather jacket
Black spider leather jacket
Ripped look romantic skirt with no hem
Ripped look romantic skirt with no hem

Tough Yet Romantic (above)

Think of cowboys and prairie girls: the first is edgy and tough, and the second is soft and sweet. Amber Rose takes a worn-looking leather jacket and combines it with a romantic, white ruffle skirt. She effortlessly combines the two clothing personalities. We don't know: should you be scared of her or should you save her?

Tight jersey mini dress
Tight jersey mini dress

The Sweat Mini Dress (above)

Amber Rose made sweats sexy when she wore this jersey-style stretch mini dress. She can go shopping, drive, and make the science in these sweats, but she'll have to change into other sweats for the gym!

Pastel kaleidoscope dress
Pastel kaleidoscope dress

The Kaleidoscope Dress (above)

Amber Rose wears a summery, pastel, geometric, slimming mini dress with a yellow ruffle along the bust and a zipper down the front. She pairs the dress with an unexpected chain-link necklace. Her squarish pastel-framed sunglasses match the shapes on her dress.

Coral short prom dress with side ruffle
Coral short prom dress with side ruffle

Bright and Formal (above)

It's prom time all over again! Amber Rose wears a coral formal dress with a vertical ruffle on one side and a key-hole accent in the bust. Coral is one of the most flattering colors on tan or beige skin. Amber Rose needs very little extra accessories and affects to make this dress look good. A pair of earrings and a few sweeps of coral blush finish off the look perfectly.

White denim mini skirt and knee socks
White denim mini skirt and knee socks

Sporty Stripes (above)

Anyone who lived in the 80s will remember how popular knee socks were. And anyone who remembers the 90s has recollections about Adidas' lightweight, sporty jackets. Amber Rose combined these two looks perfectly with a white denim mini skirt and stripes on her jacket and socks.

Brown high heel sandals with braid accent on the heel
Brown high heel sandals with braid accent on the heel

High-heel Sandals (above)

Amber Rose wore a pair of high-heel, milk-chocolate brown leather sandals. While Amber Rose has a fun sense of fashion, she also sometimes pulls out the most sophisticated looks. These shoes have expensive touches like a braided heel and half-circle design in the front.

Unique Heels (above)

Amber Rose goes for quirky designs that she knows very few people will wear. Case in point these dark pink heels with balls under the platform and heel of the shoe. A line of gold studs along the frame of the shoe adds to its unique style. Very few women in Hollywood can pull off wearing these heels like Amber Rose.

Peep-toe black leather heel boots
Peep-toe black leather heel boots

Peep-toe Boots (above)

Amber Rose found a perfect way to mix covered-up leather with a sexy open-toe boot. Her low-rise black leather boots look perfect for early Fall as they top out below-calf, but the peep-toe is unexpected in any kind of boot.

Summer Shoes (above)

We usually don't see Amber Rose in dress-down casual mode, but she has done so with these white-thong sandals. She still keeps up her appearance though with her perfectly manicured toes in pink polish.

Throwback to the 1980s (above)

Amber Rose pairs '80s-era rainbow-striped socks with tennis shoes that have neon green laces and a purple stripe around the frame of the sneakers. It would have been better, perhaps, if she chose orange, pink, yellow, or purple laces to go with the socks.

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Heels for the Club (above)

These are perhaps the nicest heels Amber Rose has worn. She pairs these shoes with non-stockinged legs for a summery feel. These shoes can be worn to the club or a red carpet event, as shown here.

It is hard to pin down Amber Rose's exact sense of style, as her mini skirt and shoe choices show but she always puts on a good fashion show for her fans to follow!

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