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America Plays A Joke On Ashley, The Bachelorette

Updated on June 8, 2011
Bachelorette Ashley
Bachelorette Ashley | Source

Monday night’s The Bachelorette signaled the end of messy locks Bentley; and with it, brought on the sobs from poor Ashley, A.K.A., “The Bachelorette”. Salt Lake City’s Bentley happened upon the ABC primetime series, looking to gain a bit of the ol’ publicity. In fact, he made it into the final cut of the bachelor mansion, joining the ranks of the other twenty-four eligible bachelors who were vying for the affection of Ashley, the dentist.

Funnily enough, however, Bentley told no one besides the camera crew of the popular TV show (well, and he let the millions of viewers watching at home, too) know that he was not lounging about in the California manse with his heart pounding away for Ashley. Oh, no, friends. Bentley was a ruse. While Ashley spilled her feelings of “he’s the one” to the camera (and to America accordingly), Bentley smirked behind her back about breaking the girl’s heart. He commented more than once how unattractive Ashley was and how he had wished the bachelorette had been Emily, instead--the winner from last season who, ironically, is rumored to be kaput with the last Bachelor.

Luckily for the poor, sobbing, heart-broken Ashley, Bentley bowed out prematurely, blaming his early departure on his young daughter, whom was keeping up on playdates at their Utah home, and not on his stunt of appearing on The Bachelorette. With another one of his many sleazy remarks to the camera about how Ashley was like one of the girls he “hooked-up” with at home and not someone he’d actually be interested in (insert Mormon joke here), Bentley was whisked away through the California rainstorm to his stretch limousine and taken off to the nearest airport.

 Good riddance.

No Cocktails For You

And would you have thought Chris Harrison, the host of The Bachelorette, would have spilled the beans to Ashley? Were you like me, sitting through the cringe-worthy heartbreak and rejection of holding the perpetual “Cocktail Hour” waiting for Chris to let the cat out of the bag? Waiting for him to say, “Ashley, you were duped. That Bentley guy is a loser and thinks America will remember him in three months, and that this stunt will somehow help his professional career.”? I thought, for sure, he’s going to tell her. After all, Michelle Money, from the last Bachelor show had told Ashley days before her journey to the California Bachelorette Mansion that Bentley was not interested in finding his future wife on the chick-sacred series. But, no, Chris let it slide. He might as well have winked surreptitiously at the audience at home when she wasn’t looking (blowing her tear-stuffed nose).

ABC's Prank

Like he always does.

Does it seem like in practically every season of The Bachelorette there is someone masquerading as a love-vying bachelor when he is hiding the fact that he actually a fame whore? Anyone who watched Jillian as The Bachelorette a few years back would remember country crooner, Wes. He admitted to the audience at home that he had no intention of marrying her. In fact, he was not interested and had a girlfriend at home. A record deal was his motive. I don’t listen much to country, so I couldn’t say if he actually landed a spot in the Grand Ol’ Opry or not. But, Jake, one of the men competing to marry her, actually ratted Wes out to Jillian. She didn’t believe him, but hey, it came out. It’s good for ratings, I suppose. The audience at home sits back booing at the jerk lying to her face (or cheering, I suppose if you dislike the girl enough), and the poor Bachelorette eventually realizes soberly, “Oh, the joke’s on me.” Really, ABC. Pulling a practical joke on a twenty-something woman and everyone in America (and very possibly, the world) is in on it. That really is a feat.

What am I saying? I am saying I think Chris Harrison should have tipped Ashley off about the Bentley stunt. The Utah guy with the floppy hair made it into three episodes—that and the man wearing the mask (don’t ask) carried ratings for the season opener. The prank could have made for an enjoyable Cocktail Hour where Gallaway, Ohio William (Go, Columbus! Woohoo!) could have apologized profusely for having been, as he coined it quite beautifully, an ass.

The Beat Goes On

Will I continue to watch this season’s The Bachelorette? Yes, I will. I was not a big Ashley fan last season when The Bachelor’s Brad Womack broke her heart and cut her off as Woman-to-be-Engaged #3, but she seems sweet enough. I mean, I don’t hate her, and I don’t wish a douche lied to her to just be able to be seen on network TV. And I guess I am wondering if someone will finally tell Ashley that Bentley used her, or if she will have to wait until ABC runs their seasonal episode where the losing Bachelors tell all in order to confront him there. Who knows? Is that the reason I’ll continue to watch? Nah. There are some cute bachelors on the show. One creepy Mask guy down and a couple other weridos to go. Makes for some good TV watching.


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    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida

      It is odd what ABC thinks America finds entertaining?

      Good Hub.

    • Mary Contrary profile image

      Mary Contrary 6 years ago from Columbus, OH

      Now you've piqued my interest, I may have to start watching.

    • Rosefall profile image

      Rosefall 6 years ago from Ohio!

      The Roast idea was horrible! I have a feeling that was the show's idea. I would have been crying too!

    • profile image

      carolej1 6 years ago

      It seems to be good TV watching! Amazing all the locations they are going to for a date. Although it leads to a suspense for the following Monday nights. Believe the Roast of Ashley was a bad move on her part for a date!