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"American Capitalist" by Five Finger Death Punch Album Review

Updated on October 14, 2011
American Capitalist by Five Finger Death Punch
American Capitalist by Five Finger Death Punch | Source

Five Finger Death Punch is a heavy metal band formed in 2005. The highly anticipated release of "American Capitalist" on October 11th, marks the band's 3rd release after the debut album "The Way of the Fist" and the Sophomore release of "War is the Answer". There's no question why they're rapidly becoming one of the most popular bands today. With their heart pounding double bass beats, deep guitar shredding, and overpowering vocals, "American Capitalist" shows their heavy metal mastery as well as the nu metal and groove metal sides. 5FDP is not only a band that is for angry guys trying to relieve some stress by listening to hardcore music, they show they have a melodic side that others who may not listen to heavy metal seem to enjoy.

"American Capitalist" starts out with the title track to the album. From start to finish this could be my favorite song from the album. From the beefy guitar riff at the beginning getting the blood flowing, to the pounding drums or the clean and growling vocals. Great way to start out the album. It shows they have grown and at the same time keeping the 5FDP sound everyone knows and loves. "Under and Over It" is the next track and the first single off of the album. They continue to tear off your face with this one, but they do it gently that's why it's allowed on the radio. "The Pride" is the next on the album. The double bass pounds throughout so make sure this one is turned way up! It has the characteristic 5FDP sound while Ivan bring up a lot of notable names. In the fourth song of the album "Coming Down" Ivan shows off the diversity that he brings to the mic. It doesn't carry the same power musically as the first 3, but this is the song to showcase the vocals, as well some complex beats and another great guitar solo from Zolthan. "Menace" is next and from the first second of the track the intensity brought by every member is incredible. 5FDP bringing a little bit of what all their metal fans love and some of what gets their radio listeners. "Generation Dead" is just an overall catchy song. In first listen I was getting into it and catching some of the lyrics. Fun song, unfortunately I expect it to get to the radio and get overplayed. But luckily for me, I don't listen to the radio so I will enjoy whenever I like. "Back for More" is our number 7 on this album and is this is just another catchy song. This one is more catchy on the lyrical aspect. Its the ultimate underdog song, or for those of you who vow to never quit anything you start. Perfect for you athletes looking for a pre-game pump up song. "Remember Everything" is the first and only ballad from the new album. Some who love the metal may criticize this one because of the commercial sound. This is a real showcase for Ivan to show how much better overall singer he has become. Expect this one to find its way on the radio soon. Next up is "Wicked Ways", and this is another original sounding song, with the recognizable style 5FDP is known for. "If I Fall" is another original, that delivers another new element to the sound of this band. The last song on the album is "100 Ways to Hate". The title says it all. If you are pissed off about something or you just like angry music, this is your song. I'm in a great mood, but this song just makes me just want to punch someone in the face.

My Final Thoughts

Overall another solid performance from Five Finger Death Punch. They come out with something that appeases everyone. Your hard and heavy fans, and your radio fans. Some of the harcore fans may not like it and say they sold out, but they cannot deny the pure aggression in every song, even if it a commercial sounding song. I've already seen this band in concert twice. Once after the first album, and then again after their second album. This album makes me want to see them again, hopefully they will play a few off this album. The only thing that disappoints me is the length of the songs. I like bands that play 5+ minutes on a regular basis, with everyone of 5FDP's songs averaging in the 3 minute range. Not something to make me not get the album but, it only gives us a 40 minute album. I love the fact they keep with 80s metal tradition and include a great guitar solo in almost every song. You decide, the music is well worth it though, even if it is kind of short.

4 out of 5 Stars

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Five Finger Death Punch- Under and Over It


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