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American Comedy Film May Cause War With North Korea

Updated on July 18, 2014
A trigger of war?
A trigger of war?
North Korea's leader and wife
North Korea's leader and wife

There is the Israeli-Hamas conflict, the shooting down of Malaysian flight 17 over the Ukraine, the war inside the Ukraine, and the mass deluge of children along the American-Mexican border dominating world headlines. These are serious events. Then, there is North Korea. A sort of Monty Python with dangerous weapons that threatens the world every so often with nuclear weapons. For the most part, most of the world, chuckle about the threats and continues with real events (not ones trying to get attention).

Yet, NK is unpredictable with nuclear weapons, so, maybe we should pay some attention. The most recent silliness beyond belief is true. Kim Jong-un, the young leader of this rogue state, who loves Western films and basketball, has been told by his spies in Hollywood, a new American film will debut later this year, called, "The Interview", which pokes fun of the new leader. The movie stars Seth Rogen and James Franco. Their roles make them journalists going to North Korea to assassinate its leader.

The only person not laughing is Kim Jong-un. He calls the film "an act of terrorism". So serious is he, he has contacted President Obama to halt its release in October. The White House ignored the silly request. Unhappy, Kim, then sent a letter of protest to the President of the U.N.. In the letter, in no uncertain terms, Kim wrote that allowing this film to be released and distributed in the Western world will be considered an "act of war". Kim feels this film is an insult.

Well, what if Kim is not killed and survives? Wouldn't the NK people revere him even more? Maybe he should think about that! Why would Obama even bother with Kim who has in the past called him a "crossbreed" and a "wicked black monkey" after he had visited South Korea in May. Kim has also called the South Korean president a "crafty prostitute" controlled by the American pimp.

Oh my.

North Koreans are forced to sacrifice all for this leader. They cherish his life over their own. Yet, indulges in what the West offers the "rich and famous". Their society is totally out of whack.

The Interview is comedy because the two main characters go to NK to interview Kim when they find out he is a fan. Along the way, the CIA recruits them to kill the leader, which I suspect, will become a slapstick and a series of errors film. I suspect NK's leader will not be killed because of REAL repercussions in the REAL world. Comedy is not viewed the same across the globe, or even between neighbors. It is subjective.

Should film producers think about repercussions on international leaders, especially, erratic ones? What, in all seriousness, if NK invaded SK or conducted a terrorist attack or sold nukes to Iran and then told the world press it was a response to allowing the movie to be released. As whack as that is, NK is exactly that. Its leader is loony enough to do it and use the film as an excuse.

Some would say, don't give them any excuses and stop the film. Others, state it is a bluff, no leader with nukes would be serious enough to call a comedy film a threat to national security.

Really? There are plenty of crazies out there.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 3 years ago


    • Stevennix2001 profile image

      Steven Escareno 3 years ago

      Wow, whoever would've thought that a movie could cause such an international incident? Great hub by the way.


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