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American Gothic: Who is the Silver Bells Killer?

Updated on July 27, 2016


If you haven't watched American Gothic, here's a summary of the events. The show revolves around the Hawthrone family, whose thrown into turmoil when it's believed that one of them is a serial killer.

Every week the show has been moving one step forward in revealing the identity of the killer. Last week, Brady revealed that DNA evidence proved that one of the Hawthrones is indeed the Silver Bells killer. So which member of the family is a murderer?

Let’s examine them.


Shortly after the Silver Bells case was reopened, the family patriarch suffered a heart attack. Mitch’s illness set in motion the discovery of the Silver Bell memorabilia in his shed, leading many to wonder if he did it.

Prior to taking his last breath, Mitch’s conscience got the best of him. However, before he could make a confession, the Hawthorne patriarch passed on to the other side.

Could Mitch have committed the murders or is he covering up for the real culprit?



The Hawthorne matriarch proved that she has the killer instinct when she murdered her beloved Mitch in order to protect the secret.

Madeline’s shown she will go to great lengths to protect her family, including lying and paying off her blackmailing mother.

Is Mitch her only victim or does Madeline have more out there that we don’t know about?



Returning after a fourteen year absence, the oldest Hawthorne son has been acting weird. The murders stopped once Garrett left and his strange behavior is leading many to believe he’s the killer.

While Garrett is creepy, I doubt he’s the killer. The show’s making it too obvious and I think he’s just a red herring.

Garrett may not be the killer, but he does know something about it. Keeping the secret is eating away at him and it’s only a matter of time before he explodes.



The mayoral candidate has proven that she likes to play hardball. During her campaign, she’s faced many challenges, yet she’s always comes out on top. Her political rival knows better than to mess with her.

At times, she comes across as cold-hearted. With her cold and calculating nature, everyone knows not to cross Alison.

Could someone in her past have angered Alison enough to cause her to commit murder?



Out of all the family members, Tessa is the one you’d least suspect.

That’s why I have a feeling she’s the killer.

She was the first character introduced on the show and the focus seems to be on her. Throughout the series, she’s clashed with her detective husband over the case, insisting no one in her family is the killer.

But with the new evidence, it’s become too much for Tessa to handle. Could the stress reopen repressed memories of Tessa committing the crimes?

Someone Else

Show often love to do swerves, so it’s possible the killer could be another Hawthrone member we don’t know about.

Maybe there’s a cousin, aunt, uncle, grandparent, or illegitimate child?

Who is the Silver Bells Killer?

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