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American Horror Story TV Show

Updated on November 1, 2012
American Horror Story Season 1
American Horror Story Season 1
American Horror Story Asylum Season 2
American Horror Story Asylum Season 2

American Horror Story, when it first came out seemed very interesting, from the first day that it started it really kept my attention. This was season 1, a family who decides to move into a house in which many crimes were committed, maybe it was fate that led them there or they just happened to be victims of what happens there because they happen to live in that house. Each episode would start off with something in the past and somehow they would go back to the present. This season alone was good and kept one wanting to see more every week up until the last episode.

Now season 2 came out of the American Horror Story and now it is based on an asylum. It has most of the same cast members and of course Jessica Lange, this time as the one in charge of the asylum. When the first episode started off with a couple that was going to the haunted asylum that is now all old and empty. As the couple goes through the building, something happens and it goes back to the past of a certain event that happens.

The new season starts off good and from the last three episodes I've seen, they seem okay and catch my attention. There are some people who have their opinions about it but it happens to be as good as the first season. Now the first season is on DVD and to be able to watch the first season and want to remember it makes it worth spending your money.


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