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American Horror Story : The Television Series

Updated on December 21, 2011

Creepy Latex Guy?!

I don't easily get excited about television shows unless it's some kind of police drama or something to do on ancient aliens. So when I started seeing posters for this show at the train station, I was a little freaked out by them. The red background reminded me too much of blood, which I'm sure was the point. Then the "creature" dressed in black latex was unnerving. Imagine waking up next to that guy every morning. Not a pleasant thought. Finally, there was the pregnant woman. I really couldn't figure out what was going on there but needless to say my interest was piqued.

American Horror Story is a horror-drama series that centers on the Harmon Family. Vivian, Ben, and their daughter Violet, move from Boston to Los Angeles after Vivian suffers a miscarriage and Ben is caught cheating on his wife with one of his younger students. Once in Los Angeles, they are told about the murder/suicide of the previous owners of the mansion that they are interested in. They buy it... at a lower price of course. On top of the already creepy dead inhabitants of the house, the Harmon's are greeted by their crazy neighbor Constance and the mansion's old seductive maid, Moira. Old and seductive you say? Sorry can't spoil it for you if you haven't seen it! Along for the ride comes Tate who is one of Ben's patients. Tate and Violet have a bit of a thing for each other. It's not going to be a good relationship for her in the long run, I can tell you that right now.

By now the show is a couple of episodes in and I have to say that American Horror Story is one of my favorite shows this year. I am absolutely impressed. The commercials did a pretty good job of grabbing my attention. I mean come on, have you seen the Creepy Latex Guy? That guy would spook anybody. Not to mention that the dialogue between Constance and Moira keeps me guessing at every turn. Their history together is a nifty little part of the series. What about Larry? Besides his disfigurement, he's just plain weird!

Big fan so far!

I am a big fan of the flashback sequences in the beginning of every episode. At first I wasn't so into them because I just wanted to know what was going on with the Harmon's, but I came to realize that to understand what was going on in the house you had to pay close attention to the flash backs because that's where the real story was. American Horror Story isn't even about the Harmon family. It's about the mansion. It's about all the people that died in that house and how they can't escape it. Scary!

So far in the series, we have had multiple deaths due to flashbacks, regular real time deaths, creepy ghosts making their presence known, men in latex, sex, psychotic behavior and you can't forget the dead babies in jars. Some people have said that the show is being over done and the gross-out factor is too high, but honestly I think this show has some serious potential. It's not all about the blood and gore like some horror movies do, it's also about the innate fear of the unknown that humans have. I think the show does good job of keeping you thinking even after it's over.

Best part of the show? The actors can actually ACT!!!!!

Main cast

  1. Dylan McDermott as Dr. Benjamin "Ben" Harmon
  2. Connie Britton as Vivien Harmon
  3. Taissa Farmiga as Violet Harmon
  4. Evan Peters as Tate Langdon
  5. Denis O'Hare as Larry Harvey
  6. Jessica Lange as Constance Langdon

If you haven't watched the show and are a horror fan, your missing out! So run along and watch the episodes! and if you have seen it, leave a comment on your thoughts about the show so far! Thanks for reading!


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    • kanizm profile image

      kanizm 5 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

      I like Tate Langdon...check out my hub.

    • tschaunerb profile image

      tschaunerb 6 years ago from Medicine Hat

      I loved this show. I highly recommend it!

    • Nightmarephantom profile image

      Nightmarephantom 6 years ago from Columbia, MD

      I have been debating watching this show, and now I really really want to lol. Now I need to find somewhere to watch the episodes online.

    • Nickalooch profile image

      Nickalooch 6 years ago from Columbia, MD

      it would not surprise me if some new characters are brought in but at the same time if you change things too much you run the risk of losing some of your audience which i think we all can agree with. I personally love Tate, Constance and Larry. I'm not a fan of Violet at all (on a side note it's somewhat scary how much she looks like her older sis in real life, her older sis was the shrink in The Departed) because of how naive she is.

    • anunez49 profile image

      anunez49 6 years ago from New York

      @ Robin Oatley, I love this show and I hope that those rumors aren't true. So far what I've seen has been great and I think if they change characters or the formula, then what captured my attention in the first place would just disappear. You never know though maybe the change would be for the better but I'm keeping my finger's crossed that they keep it the way it is so far. Good story line and creep factor intact.

    • Robin Oatley profile image

      Robin Oatley 6 years ago

      I love American Horror Story, and I agree that it's one of the best new shows of this season. It's just so mysterious and creepy at some points. It's a pity there are only four episodes left.

      I'm really wondering whether the Harmon family and their mansion will return in the second season, or that it will be a completely new story. Those are the rumors anyway, but nobody wants to confirm or deny..