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American Idol 11 (2012) Recap of the Galveston, TX Auditions

Updated on January 26, 2012

The 11th season of American Idol is visiting Galveston, TX for initial auditions. Galveston is in South Texas. There will likely be many contestants from both Houston and New Orleans areas that audition in Galveston, as these are the two closest major cities.

This episode is set to air on January 26, 2012. It begins at 8 Eastern Time on FOX and lasts one hour. Kelly Clarkson, the first American Idol winner, is from Texas. Let's see if we can discover another Texas contestant who may win Idol 2012.

So far, Phillip Phillips is still probably getting the most buzz from the initial auditions. Everyone else is gunning for a distant 2nd, but that may all change as the auditions play out in other cities and then the Hollywood and Las Vegas rounds.

Check back here shortly after the end of the show for a recap of all the singers whose auditions are aired for the Galveston broadcast.

Joke contestant Phong Vu is up first. He is a 25-year-old contestant from Houston. The guy is comical, but you just know he is going to sing bad. He pulls out some "Unbreak My Heart," and it's excrutiating. Needless to say, Phong was the comic relief. He does not go to Hollywood. Phong pretends to cry when interviewed by Ryan. Maybe we can get to some singing talent after the break.

Lamounte Hall and Cameron Dobbins and some poor country singers come up next. They all fail.

Skylar Laine, who is rumored to be in the voting rounds, is the next auditioner. Skylar is a hunter and a 17-year-old student. She sings a song with a strong country twang and makes it through to Hollywood with all 3 votes.

Baylie Brown is back. She made it to Hollywood 5 years ago at the age of 16. They recap the whole Antonella Barba group-round fiasco where she got cut. Baylie sings Bon Jovi's "Bed of Roses." Her voice seems to have improved to some degree, but the phrasing and control could still use some improvement. She will almost certainly make the Top 24.

Kristine Osorio is 28, so this is her one and only chance to make it on Idol due to the age limit. She has 3 kids and is going through a divorce. Kristine claims she got a loan to pay her divorce lawyer but instead bought a plane ticket to audition. The smile on her face makes me wonder if someone told her to say that. She sings and has a pretty strong voice. Kristine gets the approval of all 3 judges to advance to Hollywood.

Rachael Turner, Reagan Wilson and Cheyenne James are shown briefly.

Another joke contestant, Alejandro Cazares, says he is leading some kind of revolution. He thinks underdogs should have a chance to win. He sings Paramore's "Looking Up." It is not good enough for this show. Alejandro begs for a chance, but they send him home.

Cortez Shaw makes it to Hollywood after some debating among the judges.

Julie Shuman delivers an ear-splitting "Rolling in the Deep." There's no way she can make it. Vanessa Hernandez isn't much better. Erin Kettl is yet another bad contestant. This seems like bad-audition overload.

There is one audition left for the Galveston episode. The teaser is some backstory about a guy being born "different." It turns out that he has no ears. Ramiro Garcia gets his shot in Hollywood.


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