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American Idol 11 (2012) Spoilers and Predictions for Singer Jeremy Rosado

Updated on January 24, 2012

Jeremy Rosado is a singer on the 11th season of American Idol. He comes from Valrico, FL. Jeremy has tried out five times and was finally picked to go to Hollywood the 5th time. According to TheIdolPad, Rosado has made the Top 24, which is the first live voting round in which the public gets to vote. Based on his "Never Would Have Made It" performance on YouTube, Jeremy seems to be a gospel singer with an R&B voice.

Jeremy's voice is pretty standard for this type of singer. He is certainly good, but there is nothing special about his voice. Like most singers of this type, he does not have much soul to his actual voice, but he tries to make up for that by displaying emotion in his performances. While I DON'T know what is in his mind or his heart, the style just comes across as an average singer trying desperately to impress somebody. I predict that this style will not go over well with the voters.

It appears that Jeremy may have been picked as cannon fodder. Idol likes to cast people who will almost definitely fail to make the Top 12. It certainly does not cast the 24 best singers. There are many possible reasons for this, such as diversity in styles and personalities and giving the producers' favorites a better chance of making it past the tough early rounds. Unless we see more than that "Never Would Have Made It" performance in Hollywood, then he has "cannon fodder" written all over him.

Jeremy Rosado says he is here to go for his dreams. I hope he achieves those dreams. Perhaps he can be a successful gospel singer like Mandisa and Chris Sligh after Idol. But I predict that he does not have the style to win American Idol 11.


TheIdolPad: American Idol 11 Contestant Spoilers

Interview With American Idol 11 Contestant Jeremy Rosado

Jeremy Rosado "Never Would Have Made It" Performance


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    • earswideopen profile image

      earswideopen 6 years ago

      Well, whether cannon fodder or not, Jeremy did get shot down tonight. Were you surprised or do you think he redeemed himself with "Gravity" and "Ribbon in the Sky" on the live shows?