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American Idol 11 Pittsburgh, PA Auditions Recap for January 19, 2012

Updated on January 19, 2012

American Idol 11 continues with a second night of auditions on January 19, 2012. This time, the gang is in Pittsburgh. The episode lasts for one hour from 8 to 9 p.m. Eastern time.

Last night was a pretty good premiere for the new season. Phillip Phillips closed the show and seemed to get the most buzz from the Savannah, GA auditions. David Leathers and Colton Dixon are two other contestants featured on last night's episode that are likely to go far.

I guess we can't expect too much for the Pittsburgh audtions since the show is going only one hour. It will be hard to top last night. Although Savannah did not necessarily have any blowaway auditions, there were many solid performances. The buzz going in was that Savannah was the best city this year for auditions, but we should also see some contenders or even favorites emerge from the other cities.

This is the first time Idol has held auditions in Pittsburgh in its 11 seasons.

Hee Jun Han comes on acting drunk. I can't tell if it's just an act or what. He sings "How Am I Supposed to Live Without You." It was rather soulful. He needs to practice his timing and control, but he does have a good voice.

Reed Grimm is up next. His song choice is hilarious - the theme song to "Family Matters." His voice is quite good, and he has a soulful style.

Aaron Marcellus sang "A Change Is Gonna Come," and Chase Likens sang country. They both made it to Hollywood, but these short segments did them no justice.

Next up is a weird segment about a planker. The planker's sister actually sang pretty well, but the whole planking thing was just an odd distraction to an otherwise decent audition. Planker's sister made it to Hollywood.

Creighton Fraker auditions next. He is a struggling artist from New York City. Creighton san his own song, which was kind of silly but entertaining. He then sang a good rendition of "Who's Loving You." Fraker's voice and style are unusual and almost border on comedic, but he is entertaining and uses his voice pretty well.

Evan Frankowitz is 15 years old. They show his family driving to Pittsburgh and giving him a pep talk. People say he looks like Bieber, but the resemblance is only slight. He sings a fairly standard "Ain't No Sunshine," but the tone is certainly better than average.

Travis Orlando is back. He picks a horrible song choice in "Isn't She Lovely." He dropped out of high school, claiming that Idol is all or nothing. Mom left home, and they ended up in a shelter. He goes to Hollywood. This entire thing is all about drama and ratings. This guy has literally no chance of winning American Idol.

Erika Van Pelt is a mobile DJ and wedding singer. She sings "Will You Love Me Tomorrow." Erika has a deep, smoky kind of voice, and she has good control and phrasing, too. She made it to Hollywood.

Note: My feed cut out for the last 15 minutes of the show.


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