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American Idol Atlanta Auditions Prediction: Jermaine Sellers Will Make the Top 12

Updated on January 13, 2010

Talent and Backstory All in One

Jermaine Sellers had already emerged as a spoiler before the ninth season of American Idol started running its auditions. Jermaine popped up tonight on the Atlanta auditions. Along with Katie Stevens, Jermaine is the one who is a virtual lock for the Top 12. All the signs are there. He has a backstory. He has talent. The producers want him as one of the Top 12, so just go ahead and put that on your calendar.

Sellers' backstory, like so many, involves a family member. Mom has spina bifida, and Jermaine announced that he has been taking care of her since he was 17. That's a good start with the pimping by AI producers. Next, he sings. He seems to be a great singer. The song started out really soft, but he does have a great tone. Jermaine threw some good runs into the mix. He may not be champion material, but it's clear all the judges loved him. And with the backstory thrown in, he will be pushed to the moon and praised to the Top 12 unless he falls flat on his face.

There is still some question about how well Jermaine can do in the competition once he makes the Top 12. As I said in my spoiler article on Jermaine Sellers, singers like him have never won Idol. He could buck that trend, but it is not likely unless he shows a different kind of power and grit in his voice when challenged with other genres of music.

Jermaine is a fairly typical RnB singer. He may lean a bit toward gospel, but he hasn't shown the rough but cool kind of soulful singing (some call it screaming, but it works) that Fantasia displayed on occasion when she won American Idol 3. If he can't shake his RnB roots and show more versatility, Jermaine will likely have a tough time winning.

Based on everything seen from him so far and his positive edit on the Atlanta auditions, Jermaine Sellers will almost certainly occupy a spot in the Top 12. His backstory and his talent are good, and that should be enough to get him far in the competition. But he will need to develop more versatility as a singer to transform himself from merely one of the early American Idol favorites into an eventual champion.


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    • kingis profile image

      Patrick King 7 years ago from Springfield, IL

      I love your commentary about American Idol. In my hub, I talked about General Larry Platt and his Pants on the Ground. That was the best part of the Atlanta tryouts.