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American Idol Audition and Spoiler Info for Vered Didi Benami

Updated on February 3, 2010

Emotional Backstory, But Does She Have The Talent and Appeal?

Vered Didi Benami was shown on the last audition show before the Hollywood auditions. According to American Idol spoilers released on the Internet, Didi has made the Top-24 public voting rounds. Did performed The Beatles' "Hey Jude" for her audition. I actually was not expecting much from her but was pleasantly surprised. Didi appears to have a lot of elements of a great singer. However, there are some negatives.

She may seem confident or brave to those fans who get stirred by emotional backstories - Didi said that she is trying out for Idol for her friend Rebecca, who died years ago - but the emotional breakdown shows that she might have trouble coping under the pressure of the competition. All in all, her odds of winning appear to be somewhere in the middle.

Vocally, Didi seemed fantastic from a creativity and originality perspective. She definitely put a spin on "Hey Jude" that made the song more interesting than the typical karaoke-like performances that fans see on American Idol. She also has some range and excellent phrasing and power control. Didi is sort of like a Megan Joy from American Idol 8 with a sweeter vocal tone and seemingly more versatility. Talent wise, Didi may be one of the Top 5 this season. It's hard to say from just one performance.

The judges seemed to have some reservations that suggest something was edited out of the audition. Based on what was seen, she should have received resounding approval. But Randy and Simon were somewhere in the middle. They did all vote her through to Hollywood, though.

Knowing that Didi has made the Top 24 and was featured with such an emotional backstory, Didi has good odds of doing well if she copes with the pressure. That may be prove to be a tough thing for her. If she can settle down and just focus on the singing, she certainly could make a run with her unique style and creativity. This assumes she can remain consistent.

All things considered, Didi Benami does not appear to be the top American Idol favorite going into Hollywood and the Top 24. However, her odds are at least somewhere in the middle. She will need to be consistent, cope with her nerves, and show more personality along the way. Her backstory will only take her so far. If she can make those adjustments, Didi could easily be around for the Top 5.


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