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American Idol Audition and Spoiler News for Lacey Brown

Updated on February 4, 2010

Will She Be Cannon Fodder?

Lacey Brown almost made the voting rounds for American Idol 8. Now that American Idol 9 has rolled around, American Idol spoilers indicate that Lacey has made the voting rounds this year. Idol does this quite a bit. Many contestants make it to Hollywood year after year and get cut. Occasionally, the producers and judges will let one through to the public voting rounds. Those contestants, such as AJ Tabaldo, have not fared well for the most part. Lacey definitely has some vocal skills, but it is generally a lack of personality or star quality that gets contestants cut in Hollywood. And that will likely be her downfall on American Idol.

It's hard to label someone like Lacey as cannon fodder. She's definitely too talented for that. Lacey has a mix of country and pop in her voice, but it seems to lack direction. Nonetheless, she at least shows some kind of originality. Her version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" during her audition was not the most beautiful version seen on Idol. But at least the mix of country and pop sounds showed something different. This is always a plus on Idol. However, mixing styles like that in the same song makes it hard to brand yourself as a performer. It's like Lacey does not know which way to go with her voice. That suggests a lack of identity that will not resonate well with some fans.

One of the unfortunate things about Idol is that talent is often underappreciated. Take the case of someone like AJ Tabaldo. He tried out for like five or six times and finally got picked for the voting rounds. The judges gave him high marks, but he still got voted out the second week. Lacey is in trouble for the same reason. There is usually a reason why contestants do not make it through to the voting rounds in Hollywood. The producers and judges certainly seem to give a raw deal to some, but they usually can spot issues with personality. And that's why someone like Lacey does not make it. She may deserve a spot if it's based purely on talent. Unfortunately, that's just not the way Idol goes down.

All in all, Lacey does not deserve to get the label of cannon fodder. She has earned her spot on talent, but it will be hard for her to establish a musical identity with the style she is employing now. And her track record suggests that she may not stand out so well when the cameras are rolling. Lacey has very low odds of winning American Idol. Her talent may carry her pretty far if she can just manage to get through the first three weeks into the Top 12. But her likely demise will be in those first three weeks unless she makes some drastic changes.


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