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American Idol Auditions for Atlanta: Pageant Contestant Keia Johnson

Updated on January 13, 2010

Will She Emerge as an American Idol Favorite?

American Idol continued its long road to crowning a champion with its Atlanta auditions. This ninth season of American Idol does not seem to have any runaway favorite so far. Keia Johnson is one in a fairly long line of apparent bit players that don't stand much of a chance of winning. Keia won "Miss Congeniality" in some beauty pageant. She is clearly being cast as the "nice girl" who everyone likes. But does she have the talent? Her version of Celine's "My Heart Will Go On" was certainly pleasant, but it did not reveal any spectacular vocal skills. Nonetheless, she will be an American Idol favorite to start out simply because she is one of the few that will get on television during the initial auditions.

Contestants like Keia are featured every year - singers with some reasonable level of talent that can make for an interesting show but stand virtually no chance of winning. She is the cute girl that people feel good rooting for, but she won't capture the votes of people looking for the best singer. Thousands of girls could sing "My Heart Will Go On" as well or better than Keia. That's not to say Keia Johnson has no talent. It's just that she's nothing special. See Charice Pempengco show what it's like to give a special performance of this song.

Keia might move on and make it to the Top 12. She could have a role similar to Lil Rounds from last season. Although Lil is married and has kids, they both put out that "nice girl" vibe that some fans will support. However, the difference is that the producers and judges heavily promoted Lil and virtually ensured she would fly into the Top 12. Keia is not receiving that level of praise just yet.

Lil flamed out before the Top 5, and Keia could certainly catch fire and even surpass that mark. However, she probably won't even make the Top 12 unless the producers decide to push her. Judging a singer based on one performance is admittedly not very fair. But if Keia can't do better than that, she might not even make it through the judges and into the voting rounds.

Based on everything from this episode of the Atlanta auditions, it is hard to say how far Keia Johnson will go in this competition. She could fail miserably in the Hollywood rounds or even do well but just get cut for another girl. Then again, she has that kind of nice personality and decent skills that could put her all the way into the Top 5 like Vonzell Solomon (although Vonzell does seem to have more singing talent). At any rate, the easiest prediction is that Keia will not win unless she brings something more unique than a typical Celine Dion cover.


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