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American Idol Final 2

Updated on March 15, 2011

Kara and Paula looked like they went a little overboard with their spray tans. Simon forgot to button his shirt. Randy busted out his best polka-dots, and Ryan looked itty bitty. Yes, it was definitely part one of the American Idol finale!

I really like Adam's parents, they seem so normal. This time they revealed that Adam started his screaming act at 18 months old, which is not at all surprising. He would have been a fool to sing anything but "Mad World." Even haters like me like his version of it. I wasn't feeling that cape he was wearing or the Madonna gloves, but to each his own. What was that psycho look he gave with his eyes at the end? Creeptastic! I thought his original performance of it was better. There's no way that the words "I just wanted to play dress up, Simon!" have ever come from a straight man. It made me laugh, so Adam gets entertainment points.

Kris made a great choice with "Ain't No Sunshine." It's a personal fave of mine (there's a list, though). Kris brings the drama without crazy coats and dry ice. He just gives it to you with his voice. He interprets the song in ways that you feel his words. It was so authentic that I wanted to yell "Where is she, Kris?" at my TV. Loved it.

Simon Fuller's choice for Adam, "Change is Gonna Come" would have really suited Danny, in my opinion. It's hard for me to emotionally connect to someone whose face is going nuts while screaming like his soul is trying to escape his body. At least, Paula doesn't hide who her favorite is. I actually watched this performance twice and liked it much better the second time, for it's worth.

"What's Going On" Kris? It was funny to see this little white kid with his guitar singing a song that defined a decade well before his birth. He totally brought it like he was in it to win it. Obviously, he's not going to do it the same way someone like Danny or Matt would with their soul/R&B styles. He's gonna sprinkle his Kris Allen spice on it. Randy called it light, and Simon wasn't feeling it at all. Meanwhile Kara made him sound like Barack Obama bringing change and hope, and Paula gave a coherent critique for the first time ever (proof that Kris has Obama-like powers?). Either way, I liked it.

Ryan's comment "Simon, leave your bedtimes stories out of it" after Kris's performance was the funniest thing ever on this show. Rewind it.

I always hate the songs they write for the finale, so I can't judge either contestant on their performances. Neither of them were very good, but the song didn't lend itself to amazing experience. I actually took the opportunity to vote for Kris (I was watching the show on my DVR) during both contestants. They each had totally different takes on "No Boundaries," but I wouldn't listen to anyone, not even Michael Jackson in his heyday sing it. Stop trying to inspire us, American Idol!

So it really comes down to the first two performances and the entire season leading up to this. Adam and Kris are two completely different animals. They have extremely different styles, voices, and personalities. Adam is all about the show and big over-the-top performances. While Kris breaks everything down to the lowest level and focuses on delivering the lyrics like a storyteller around a campfire. Don't forget about those Gokey voters, they have to go somewhere. It'll be interesting to see how it all shakes out! I will definitely not be watching 2 hours of filler to find out who the winner is, thanks to my DVR. Go Kris!


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