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American Idol Final Day Hollywood Week

Updated on February 12, 2009

Thanks for letting my boy, Anoop, go first. Randy loves to yell, "Anoop in the house!" and "Anoopdog!" I'm down with that. I bet he'll go far because he's a good singer and he doesn't have an annoying personality. Besides, in case you haven't heard, Tar Heels are destined for greatness. How great would it be to have an American Idol winner named Anoop, I mean really. That's what dreams are made of.

What would Von have done if they would have rejected him? I mean, he said that singing was the reason he's alive. It would be pretty devastating if people told you were terrible at the one thing you live for. People need to tone down the dramatic statements on this show. There's being passionate, and then there's just crazy talk. Von looked like he was breaking out in hives while he was sitting in the judges' room. That's uncomfortable.

They didn't have all those sing-offs because there was too much talent in the pool, they just wanted to bring the drama. It makes for good TV. The first sing-off between Alex Wagner (I leave off the Trugman because Alex Wagner is my nephew's name) and Cody the horror filmmaker wasn't even a fair competition. Cody was not very good at all and Alex is big time. I just think Alex is the cutest little geeker, so I'm on his team. Leave it to Ryan to elevate an already uncomfortable situation into an unbearable awkwardness by stating the obvious. I had to laugh when Cody called Alex the best friend he's ever had. You guys have known each other for like 5 minutes.

The only reason it was shocking that Adam made it was because Simon brought up how bankable he would be as a recording artist. I could see him selling millions...of soundtracks...from musicals. I think I could like him if he brought it down a few hundred notches.

I was happy to see that Jasmine Murray made it, but I wasn't surprised. She's an early favorite, in my opinion.

Paula's hair looked really good. That's pretty rare.

Kendall the Blondtestant is super cute. I hope she gets it together, and actually sings as pretty as she is. Do they ever let Paula break the news that someone is getting kicked off? I think her head would explode.

I liked Jenn The Married One, a lot better than Kristen Two-Tone. I agreed with Simon that she is prettier and should have made it (not because she's prettier, but because of her whole package). Oh well. It made me giggle that Randy supports bringing models in. I love that Paula told Two-Tone that she can't dress. How many worst-dressed lists has she seen in her day? Not that I don't agree, I just wanted to point that out.

Alexis is the one whose job said "Musician/Mom" is the better two-tone.

There was no question Lil Rounds would go through. She had the cutest little celebration squeal. Can't wait until she wins an Oscar in two years.

Frankie's outfit was no good. She's too cute for that mess. It looked like she wouldn't be able to handle the pressure of this show anyway. She freaked out before and during the sing-off. Poor Jesse, it sucks to hear "that's a horrible song" right after you finish. I don't think Simon was wrong when he told them that neither one of them would win. We'll see if Jesse pulls out some crazy stuff in the upcoming rounds. What was up with Frankie's freak out afterwards? There were a lot more than just 8 girls better than her.

I wasn't even going to write anything about crazy purple hair Allison, but Paula called her a dark horse. That is all.

The Danny/Jamar situation really shocked and angered me. Are you freaking kidding me? Jamar is way better than most of those clowns they let through. Anyway, on the positive side, Danny seems like he can rock a job interview. He had the perfect answer for every question. How cute was it when Jamar cried for Danny? Jamar knows how to correctly rock the tie look unlike some other clowns on this show, ahem, Nathaniel. At least Danny knows he'll have someone voting for him the maximum amount of times. Jamar seems like the most selfless dude ever. I want him to be my best friend.

Nick/Norman offered to wear a bikini like Bikini Girl. Not necessary. I'd love to see the day that he wins Simon over. Standby.

The word "annoying" doesn't even scratch the surface of what Tatiana is. What was she talking about-record execs want to sleep with her? I think not. Simon asked her the question we've all been begging, "Could you please try for just a second to not be annoying?" Thanks, dude. He was really funny during this episode, like when he called out Paula for promoting her jewelry line. I wonder if Tatiana would have gotten that ring if she hadn't made it through. It's no secret that the decision wasn't unanimous because Simon hates that girl. She'll be voted off quickly because she's incredibly agitating. It's kind of a shame, because she's not a bad singer. Besides, you know it's bad when Nathaniel is freaked out by your theatrics.

Speaking of that drama queen, Nathaniel actually has a pretty sad story. Too bad he still bothers me. He's also not a bad singer. I didn't think it was a big competition though, since I had no idea who Jackie was. The conversation about Nathaniel's outfit was hilarious. What kind of wrong turn do you make when you're going for David Bowie and you end up looking like "John McEnroe on a bad day?" Only that guy could do that.

I disagreed with the Matt/Oil Rig Michael sing-off. Oil Rig sang great and has a better personality. I don't think he should have even been in a sing-off. That was totally pre-planned anyway. Do the math.

One last rant, Von went through and Jamar didn't? What the crap?

In case you need to be reminded who is in the Top 36, here ya go:

Adam Lambert

Alex Wagner

Allison Iraheta

Casey Carlson

Stephen Fowler

Stevie Wright

Danny Gokey

Jackie Tohn

Jasmine Murray

Jesse Langseth

Jeanine Vailes

Jorge Nunez-Mendez

Ju'Not Joyner

Kai Kalama

Kendall Beard

Kris Allen

Kristen McNamara

Lil Rounds

Matt Breitzke

Matt Giraud

Nathaniel Marshall

Nick Mitchell (Norman)

Ricky Braddy

Scott Macintyre

Ann Marie Boskovich

Anoop Desai

Von Smith

Alexis Grace

Tatiana Nicole Del Toro

Taylor Vaifanua

Arianna Afsar

Brent Keith

Felicia Barton


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