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American Idol Hollywood 3

Updated on March 18, 2011

I'm going to take a minute to say something nice about the judges. I'm impressed that they can remember 72 people. Even if they take notes and use the magic of television, it's still pretty crazy. I can barely remember my own parents. That just seems nuts to me.

Anywho, how drag queen can Adam-the-stage-boy be? He highlighted this by his song choice, "Believe." Cher-Really? Yep.

Matt Giraud, the dueling piano player, is a great...piano player. I'm shocked and appalled! I do like that guy, but I agree with Simon that he has Elliot Yamin quality.

When Ryan said that the stress was getting to Jamar and Danny, I thought he meant that they were fighting. Nothing has scared me that way since that little girl cried over her love for Sanjaya. I didn't like Jamar's performance at first, but he won me over by the end. Besides, I dig Jamar and Danny's bromance. It makes me root for both of them equally. Jamar said after Danny complimented his performance, "He's gotta say that, he's my guy." I wonder if they have tickle fights after they do well. Either way, I love Danny. He's my new American Idol crush with his little Robert-Downey-Jr-circa-Ally-McBeal face (thanks Tyna!). What was that thing Paula was doing with her arm during his performance? Trying to lasso him in? Hands off, crazy lady!

Instead of taking 80% of the show trying to build suspense about who got cut, I wish they would show more performances. I watch this show for singing, not to watch people sit in a room.

Get it, Anoop! He was breaking down Bobby Brown style, minus the drugs of course. I'm into it.

I like Scott (the visually-impaired fella), but I hope he gets down a little bit. You know, shakes it up with something a little better than a Daughtry song. I'm worried he'll end up like Michael McDonald. Nobody wants that. "I didn't see Paula give me a standing ovation." Kind of like he didn't see Ryan Seacrest trying to give him a high-five, come on guys, give him recognition he can participate in.

Kendall Beard was called a blonde Texan and I thought Simon said "blondtestant." I'm going to start using that.

Lil Rounds, I missed ya! If she doesn't make it to the top 10, then I'll quit this show. She's got the best name and a great voice. I'm sold.

Kristin two-tone hair needs to go home. I don't think she knows that the phrase "Loose lips sink ships" means. I didn't like her dress either. That girl has the biggest mouth I've ever seen, and she feels the need to stretch it out every time she sings. She looks like Charlie Brown when he throws his head back and yelps.

Mishavonna (whose name I had to rewind to get right) sang some weird words to the song "Everything." Or do I not know the words? That's possible. I wondered why there weren't any returners from a previous season. There's always one! Thanks Mishavonna.

I knew Tatiana was annoying, but I didn't realize how many extra songs she's sung throughout. What a pain in the toenail. I really don't think she's a good singer. She's not from this universe. Why did she look drunk when she left the stage after her performance?

Speaking of drama queens, Nathaniel put an interesting spin on "Disturbia." I wouldn't say I liked it, I'd say it's interesting. Is that headband good luck or something? If not, please remove it.

It's notable that the songs they were allowed to choose from included hits by the singers Jordin Sparks, Chris Daughtry, and Carrie Underwood. Why not "I'm Sorry (2004)" by Mr. Ruben Studdard? That's just wrong.

"Living everyday like you were a tattoo," is not the correct lyric, Casey. Yet, she still made it through.

Nick/Norman tries to kill off Norman after every encounter with the judges. Then he shows up again in the next audition. Someone should have told him that "Georgia on My Mind" doesn't exactly lend itself to a comedic performance. It was entertaining how Randy pointed and laughed at him like a kid at the circus. I don't think I would have been sad to see him go home, as long as he took Tatiana with him.

I didn't remember half of the "early favorites," like Kaylan. There should be a trashcan right by the stage so some people, ahem, remember to spit out their gum before performing. It's just polite.

Leneshe has a sad story, but did the producers have to make her stare out the window and cry before her audition? Salt in the wound, my friend.

Some other people I'm excited about making it: Oil-Rig Michael, Alex Wagner, and Jasmine. However, I'm super bummed about Michael Castro. Why didn't they show more of him during Hollywood week? I hope he comes back next year. In the meantime, I'll probably forget about him.

I did not like Kara's outfit. She's too pretty for that harlequin-lace nonsense. Was Paula wearing a hubcap around her neck?

There was no way that the room with Danny, Jamar, Anoop, Scott, and Lil Rounds was going home. Are you crazy? I would have been as comfortable as the president in Air Force One if I were waiting in that room with them.

Tatiana is such a drama queen. I want to punch her in the face.

Kara was doing a jump around dance with them when she broke the news to them. It was like she couldn't jump in her heels. Pretty awkward.


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