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American Idol Joanna Pacitti disqualified

Updated on July 10, 2010
Joanna Pacitti
Joanna Pacitti

American Idol Joanna

Joanna Pacitti, American Idol contestant, was disqualified from the show's semifinals due to her previous relationships with two executives at one of the show's production companies. Joanna is one of the Top 36 contestants in the eight season of the mega hit TV show Fox's American Idol. American Idol debuted in 2002 and has been going strong as it seeks to find the best singer in the country.

Joanna Pacitti picture

Joanna Pacitti face pic
Joanna Pacitti face pic

Why Joanna Pacitti was disqualified

 At Walt Disney World, Ryan Seacrest was attending the Thursday night opening of the new American Idol Experience attraction. At that time, he mentioned that when the producers do the background checks right around week, and if something stands out, the issues have to be addressed when he was reporting to Fox News channel. In Joanna's case, they found some "links" to producers and they did not want to take any risk.

There has been no final report from Fox itself so far. According to the Star report, one of the American Idol Top 36 finalists Joanna Pacitti has very close relationships to two executives Michelle and Roger that work in 19 Entertainment's Los Angeles office.  In addition to living in the same apartment complex as the 19 Entertainment executives for several years, Joanna Pacitti called Michelle her "manager" and "best friend". In addition she also credited Widynowski with "helping her get where she is right now in the singing competition. Roger is a former RCA Records publicist. Though last year's finalists included a number of singers with music-industry ties, several of whom had released albums, Pacitti, 24, drew fire early on this year when her debut album was released, This Crazy Life, in 2006. Several of her songs have appeared on soundtracks, including "Legally Blonde" which included her song, Out From Under. Britney Spears covered the a tune "Out From Under" on her Circus album.

With Pacitti gone from the Top 36, the top 36 American Idol semifinalists are listed as Alexis Grace, Allison Iraheta, Ann Marie Boskovich, Arianna Afsar, Casey Carlson, Felicia Barton, Jackie Tohn, Jasmine Murray, Jeanine Vailes, Jessie Langseth, Kendall Beard, Kristen McNamara, Lil Rounds, Megan Corkrey, Mishavonna Henson, Stevie Wright, Tatiana Nicole Del Toro and Taylor Vaifanua.

Joanna Pacitti Photos

Joanna Pacitti pic #1
Joanna Pacitti pic #1
Joanna Pacitti image #2
Joanna Pacitti image #2

Do you think Joanna's disqualification from American Idol is fair?

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