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American Idol Rumors: Michael Lynche May Be Disqualified

Updated on January 23, 2010

Lynche Possibly Broke Confidentiality Agreement

A few days ago, I wrote an article about American Idol contestant Michael Lynche. He reportedly made the Top 24. The top 24 contestants are the ones who make it to the public voting rounds. I surmised that Lynche probably one of the most versatile voices of all the contestants. Well, he may not get a chance to show us that voice. The latest rumor is that Michale Lynche was disqualified and may be replaced with another contestant.

The news that American Idol has disqualified another contestant is no real surprise. Just last year, a rumor spread that Justin Williams, who was featured again this season as a cancer survivor, was disqualified. Presumably, he violated the confidentiality agreement that Idol makes contestants sign. This is very murky stuff at times. It is hard to believe that Justin Williams was actually disqualified last year but is now being featured this year by the very same producers that would have disqualified him.

Any rumor that has to do with a contestant being disqualified should be treated as just that - an unsubstantiated rumor. Other sites have pointed to an online article as proof that Michael broke the confidentiality agreement. In this blog entry about Michael Lynche on, Michael's dad apparently confirmed that Michael made the Top 24 this year.

This is certainly not proof that Michael Lynche violated a confidentiality agreement. Idol knows it's virtually impossible to keep this kind of news away from family members. In fact, family members are routinely seen waiting for the contestants when they make the final cut. A confidentiality agreement would not include not telling immediate family members. It would include not talking to the media or possibly not talking to strangers. Nothing in that article suggests that Michael talked to the media. The only thing we can see is that his ridiculous dad spilled the beans. Contestants cannot control their family members, and there is no way that putting a muzzle on family members (other than telling them not to say anything) would be in a confidentiality clause.

Thus, there is no way to tell why Michael was disqualified if he did, in fact, get the boot. In fact, Idol may have floated the rumor for publicity. Another possibility is that he was disqualified for something else, causing people to simply speculate that he broke confidentiality.

Idol loves its controversies, and the fans even played the race card when Antonella Barba was not disqualified. An old friend released rather revealing photos of Antonella during Season 6. This was after she made the Top 24. Frenchie Davis fans cried foul. Frenchie was disqualified when it was revealed that she sold adult pictures of herself at some time before her Idol tryouts. At the time, I made the rather obvious point that there is a huge difference between someone selling pictures voluntarily (like Frenchie) and having someone release private pictures without permission. Once again, Idol really must love all these controversies. It just gets people's blood boiling at times, which creates talk around the water cooler.

At this time, we know that Michael Lynche may be disqualified. We also know that Antwan Michael may have replaced him. But we certainly have no idea why Lynche would have been disqualified. He certainly was not disqualified because his dad has a big mouth.


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