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American Idol Season 11 Finale - Phillip Phillips bagged the top honors but Jessica Sanchez won the world!

Updated on June 2, 2012
American Idol Season 11 Finalists (Photo Credit: Hollywood Reporter)
American Idol Season 11 Finalists (Photo Credit: Hollywood Reporter)

Lucky 13 on American Idol - Season 11

"American Idol" revealed the Top 13 finalists:

  1. DeAndre Brackensick,
  2. Hollie Cavanagh,
  3. Colton Dixon,
  4. Heejun Han,
  5. Jermaine Jones,
  6. Skylar Laine,
  7. Joshua Ledet,
  8. Shannon Magrane,
  9. Phillip Phillips,
  10. Jeremy Rosado,
  11. Jessica Sanchez,
  12. Elise Testone and
  13. Erika Van Pelt.

Note: America voted for the Top 10 and then in a dramatic wild card round, judges Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler chose Brackensick, Rosado and Van Pelt to continue in the competition.

It's been noted that Jessica Sanchez was the early favorite of the judges and also Joshua Ledet.

But the charisma of Phillip Phillips and his unconventional choice of songs paved the way for his fans to vote for him till the finals.

American Idol Season 11 started January 18, 2012 and the contestants sweat it off to the competition for around 19 weeks that ended on May 23, 2012.

A record-breaking 132 million votes catapulted the popularity of American Season 11 Finale through its two finalists, Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez, around the world.

Every core of fans, with the demographics ranging from children, teenagers, young professionals and adults helped in promoting the magnanimous event.

American media favored Phillip Phillips but the world hailed Filipino-Mexican Jessica Sanchez as their true winner, with the trending title as the 'world idol.'

Past winners and finalists of the singing talent search attended the Finale at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, California, May 23, 2012 (8:00 PM-Thursday morning here in the Philippines) with different opinion as to who will be declared as winner of the season.

Parents and supporters and some legendary artists supported the show, as viewers saw Jennifer Holiday belting it out with Jessica with the former's signature song, 'And I Am Telling You (I'm Not Going)', much to the delight of the audience.

The performance night, a day before favored Phillip as the three AI judges, Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler applauded his performance (via original song), leaving negative comments to Jessica's.

Online websites and bloggers also took side with the male finalist as the media reverberated the favorable forecast regarding the final results of the show.

Fans of the two finalists hosted viewing parties, mobilizing support from social media and all over the world.

As the perennial AI host Ryan Seacrest opened the envelop and blurted the name of Phillip Phillips as the one who garnered the top plum, different reactions sprouted from the audience, televiewers and supporters worldwide.

Jessica was so happy for Phillip but fans of the former concluded otherwise. A minority (that is, Filipino-Mexican decent that is Jessica) will not bag the crown, but still the true-bloodied American, like Phillip.

Taking aside personal biases, if only talent will be the barometer of the talent search, Jessica will be the true winner.

Hence, Phillip admitted in an interview after the result night that he's not that talented when it comes to vocal prowess but he owes it to the fans who supported him till that lucky night.

Back here in the Philippines, the media coverage was overwhelming.

Relatives of Jessica in Bataan as well as her local fans sweated it out watching the performance night.

They are hoping that Thalia's announcement (through her Twitter account) about his husband's plan (Tommy Motolla) for Jessica's first album will come true this year. Mr. Motolla, former Sony's manager was responsible for the popularity of Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.

Truly, the dream of the youngest runner-up of American Idol, that is of Jessica, will come true.

(Note: With personal opinion and writings from travel_man1971 aka Ireno A. Alcala-Embedding of the video may be slow but the message of this hub will be long-lasting.)

Video uploaded -video clip courtesy of StarWorld Channel via Fox - Home of American Idol: The Most Gorgeous Show on Earth (The brainchild of former judge Simon Cowell)

Phillip Phillips - The American Idol Season 11 Grand Winner (Photo Credit: PopTower)
Phillip Phillips - The American Idol Season 11 Grand Winner (Photo Credit: PopTower)
Jessica Sanchez during the AI Final Performance Night (Photo Credit: Michael Becker of Fox Broadcasting Co.)
Jessica Sanchez during the AI Final Performance Night (Photo Credit: Michael Becker of Fox Broadcasting Co.)

Jessica Sanchez - American Idol 2012 - Medley of Greatest Songs (FINAL - TOP 2) c/o Sheerc1ass

Phillip Phillips: Home - Top 2 - American Idol Season 11 c/o American Idol on

Some comments of Phillips and Jessica's Fans

It's not over 'til it's over. And it's not over yet for the fans of American Idol Season 11 Champion Phillip Phillips and Runner-up Jessica Sanchez.

A lot of hush-hush and brouhaha are still crowding social media sites. It is reverberating all over the world, especially in the US and Philippines.

Here's what I've found:

  1. Sheerc1ass (YouTube) - Remember fantasia and Rueben, they won AI. The truth is that J and J did not get enough votes, and P did. Ultimately, it was not singing that determined who won, it was votes, who had the greater population of votes in America . . . P, by default because they outnumber everyone else.
  2. AtlanticSirius11 (YouTube) - that's why its called AMERICAN Idol, the winner must be AMERICAN.. lol
  3. JuttaOlli (YouTube) - Open your ears ...his voice is NOT usual whereas Jessicas are all over the charts & it's all soooooooooooooo mainstream it's getting deadly boring!

I may also include the sentiments of the televiewers regarding the show itself, where in fact for the past decade, it is the number 1 on its own timeslot. But now, its rating is dwindling.

Let's here it again from the fans themselves.

  • Rockclassic (Yahoo News) - Will somebody tell me why anyone would waste their time on second rate musical talent and third rate 'American Idol' judges? The famous phrase "Your a legend in your own mind, not in your own time" comes to mind!
  • JMS (Yahoo News) Atlanta, Georgia, USA - All the networks imitate each other's shows in order to compete for viewers, so naturally we're going to get sick and tired of the same old crap after a while!
  • Greg B. (Yahoo News) - Sports are the greatest reality show on T.V. You have drama, suspense, and athletes, and/or teams giving an honest fight to win. Athletes are often the epitome of fittness as well, they take care of themselves, and may inspire other people to take care of themselves. Sports are often not scripted anything can happen, fights, a big hit, a penalty that makes you not happy. 50 yard field goal with 2 seconds left for the superbowl.. Sports may continue to grow as people want a way top have fun, and exersise at the same time.

Some comments went overboard or even predicted hints of conspiracy theories regarding the off-cam scenario happening between the contestants and the producers of the show.

It's up for us to weigh the situation, whenever we will encounter a reality show that's creating stirs within our imagination.

This hubber was once involved in a series of musical variety show over the radio in the early 90s. Amateur singing contest is just like the American Idol talent search, although we don't house those contestants.

The edge of radio talent search is that the scenes will be spontaneous. Unlike those talent search nowadays wherein the finalists will always be directed by the producer on how to look good on television.


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    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 5 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      @earthbound1974: Thanks for appreciating my effort. Surely, Jessica Sanchez will have a bright future in the music industry.

    • earthbound1974 profile image

      earthbound1974 5 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      Awesome tribute. This girl, Jessica, will shine brightly in the days ahead. :D